Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Memory Lane...

It's this time of year that I always miss Kansas the most. You can ask John. Every fall I start running down memory lane, talking about "In Kansas we used to ____ in the fall..." or "I remember my family used to ____." So, since I now have a blog, I thought I'd share three of my very favorite places to go in fall. And for you Kansas City-ians I highly recommend you take a day and go with your sweetheart or family. You'll have fun. All of these places are in Weston Mo. and really not too far from each other. The first place is Vaughn's Orchard. It's an apple orchard and it's really cute. You can get all kinds of apples, cider, apple butter, hams, sorguhm, and lots of other stuff. I remember one time we went there and bought some sandwiches and apple fritters and then had a picnic. Way fun. Which brings me to my next spot of choice, Weston Bend. I love this place. It's my favorite place to hiking around close to home. It has trails that run through the woods and comes out to a bluff that overlooks the Missouri river. They have picnic areas and playgrounds. I love it in the fall when the leaves have just started to change. It brings you closer to God, really! And my last favorite fall place....Red Barn Farm. Again, this place is so cute. It's a great place to take children. They've got pumpkins galore as well as animals and hayrides. It's a really fun place to take fall pictures of the kiddo's and just let them run around in the wide open. It's a real, live operating farm and the people are so sweet. So there are my recommendations. If I can't enjoy them (yet again!) this season then I'll make sure other people can! Hope you go and have fun!

Running the race,


Em said...

I REALLY want to go. I'm nearly obsessed with fall time, too. Probably won't make a big outing with James any time soon, but I'll have to remember Weston, MO, for the future!

Erin said...

I love this time of year in that area! It's been a family tradition since I was a kid, to go over to Weston! :) And now we are passing it down to my sister's little ones as well! I love the apple and pumpkin picking, and then making apple pies, having warm apple cider, and carving pumpkin while cooking the seeds! :) hehe!