About Me

Hi there! I'm Amanda. 

I am the wife to one amazing husband, John. And the mama to 4 wonderful blessings. I grew up a city girl in Kansas and am now a country life lovin' lady in Georgia.  I have the privilege of being a full time homemaker and homeschool mom. And while I never would have imagined myself where I am today now that I am here I wouldn't have it any other way.

Things this blog is about:

~ Recipes- As a family we stick to a whole foods diet.  I love buying food from local farmers not only because it tends to be healthier but I love building relationships with the people around me.

~ Family life- As a young mom I am constantly learning SO much about family and motherhood. I love sharing things I've learned and asking for other people's advice. This blog has turned into such an amazing way to do that!

~ Homeschooling- I went to public school my whole life, all the way through college. I didn't know anything  about homeschooling when I started. It has definitely been one of the hardest things I have ever tackled. But I love it! I love that my children are home with me and I get to be their teacher! I have learned so much through the wisdom and advice of those who are in the same boat I am. So, if I can be a help to anyone else out there I consider it a joy!

~ My faith- How could I have a blog and not share about the most important aspect of my life? Jesus is my best friend, hero, comforter, and the love of my life!  He has taken me to places I never would have imagined I would go and taught me things that have changed my life. I love sharing about how my loving Father guides me day by day.

I would love to hear from you! You can email me at: littleflockblog@gmail.com

I am so happy you have stopped by to read about our Little Flock as we strive to serve the one true Shepherd! I pray your time here is a blessing!