Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Just a reminder on this election day!

Today is election day. Unless you live under a rock you probably know that. This is a big deal, right!? This man will be guiding our country! Well....let's slow down a little bit. I just want to point out a few reminders. First, let's remember that God is still going to be God regardless of who wins. He will be the one guiding this country through His chosen vessel. Also, we should try not to lift either candidate up to "savior" status. Yes, some good thing might happen either under Obama or McCain but neither of them is going to save this country. There's only One who will do that and He hasn't come back yet. They are fallible men, just as I am a sinful woman. They are going to make mistakes. Last, and probably most important, - I'm sure most of you are going to go out and vote today but, please, remember to pray too. After all, doesn't the Bible specifically call Christians to pray for our leaders? Prayers will go much, MUCH further than your vote will, I guarentee it. I hate seeing the country so torn in half by all of this. It's really not a matter of who is going to run the country. God is, of course. But more a matter of who will God choose to do that through. After all, He already knows the outcome and has for a long, long time. He won't be caught off guard. Thanks for reading my ramblings today. May your prayers rise up like incense!

Running the race,