Friday, February 20, 2009

Party of Five

Tonight will be our last family night as a family of five. It's hard to believe that in just a few short days (Wednesday- to be exact!) we will have a new member of the family. Usually on family nights we have pizza, a veggie of some form, and some kind of dessert, followed by either games, drawing, or another activity the children would enjoy. Tonight will be a little different. We plan on sitting down after dinner and talking to the children about how life is about to change, what life will be like with the new baby, and how much we will need their help. That's the thing about big families, I've learned. Everyone has to help, everyone has to do their part, even the young ones.

John and I were talking last night about the new baby. And how it hasnt' really hit either one of us yet that we are about to have another child. Another little person who is going to be living in this house full time, with his/her own little personality and characteristics. It's fun to think about and I can't wait. Lilly and I went to the hospital on Wednesday to pre-register and fill out forms and so on. We stopped by the nursery to see all the new babies. As I was filling out forms a nurse came by with a baby who had just been born minutes before. Lilly was thrilled. From the looks and sounds of it she was on her way to being adopted. The family waiting outside the O.R. (I'm assuming they were the adoptive parents) even stopped to show Lilly. Her name was Haley. I pray Haley will grow up knowing she has a God who loves her and a savior who died for her. Just being around all those sweet babies melted all of my fears and worries away! I'm ready to have this baby!! :)

Anyway, it should be a busy couple of days. I'm going to try to leave the house in the best condition I can. I need to get laundry done for the children and maybe try to make a couple more things to stick in the freezer. 5 days!!

Running the race,


LO said...

Almost there! I am 15 weeks on Monday and time has already zoomed by! Good luck and hope everything goes smooth.

Anonymous said...

i am keeping you in my prayers amanda! i can't wait to see pictures of your newest bundle of joy when you return!!