Sunday, April 5, 2009

Menu Plan and update

Howdy, howdy everyone! I'm still here in case you were wondering. You'd never believe it, but having a 4 year old, 3 year old, 2 year old, and a 1 month old....sure can keep a lady busy! I'm finally starting to feel like I'm getting back to normal....kinda...sorta...maybe. I actually baked a loaf of bread yesterday! The meals from church are stopping this week so I actually had to make a plan for meals. Yikes! We'll see how this goes.

*All items are subject to change depending on how many dirty diapers I've changed, how many times I've had to send children to their room, or the number of times in one day I've had to pick up the living room.*

~muffins (mom made some and stuck them in the freezer for me)
~lemon bread (again, mom-made)
~egg burritos

~PB&J rollups (somehow, my children just think it's more fun if I roll it up in a tortilla)
~turkey sandwiches
~or whatever I can throw together

~hm (homemade) popcorn chicken/oven fries
~sloppy joes (mom-made) on hm buns/ salad
~pizza/ apples
~taco potatoes/corn/hm bread
~beans and rice/ cornbread
~baked ziti/ breadsticks/salad

Personally, I think its HIGHLY unlikely that I will get all of these made this week. I'm sure one or two days this week I'll be too exhausted. Kate has started being fussy in the evenings and we've had some pretty late nights recently. But after watching "Super Size Me" this past week John and I are refusing to eat out anymore...unless, ya know, a tree falls on our house or something. So I might have to pull another mom-made meal out of the freezer.

On a totally different note, Lilly decided that the boys needed a hair cut this week (can you see where I'm going??). Bradley has two nice big chunks missing off the top of his head plus a chunk missing over each ear. And Luke, well, let's just say his head must feel much lighter. Also, a well meaning person gave Brad and Lilly gum for their birthdays. I had my reservations when I first saw it but I hated to take away their birthday present. Never again, people! I've been scrubbing gum out of things for the past week.

I started using cloth diapers a couple weeks ago. It's going awesome. If I had known how easy it would be I would have used cloth for all four of my kiddo's. I'm sure I'll go into a more detailed post later. I'm also really enjoying my grain mill. I found out that a lady in town sells 50 lbs bags of wheat for a great price and so I've been using that. My bread and other baked goods have been great. I couldn't even tell the difference!

I'd love to write more but time doesn't allow it! Thanks for checking in. Maybe I'll actually get around to posting some new pictures of Kate soon...wait, I'd have to take some first. I'll get on that. Thanks, again!

Running the race,


Paprika said...

Man, you sound like wonder woman!! You are an amazing mom, girl. Sorry about the fussy evenings.

jenifriend said...

praying for your ability to manage so many tasks!! take care and know He's helping along the way!!

Gallo Pinto2 said...

So what are you using for cloth diapers?