Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Love your neighbor

I opened my fridge this morning to discover that I only had 4 eggs left. Making scrambled eggs for 4 people requires more than 4 eggs, at least in my family. At that point I had to smile at the thought of going to buy more eggs. Now, I realize, normally, people don't get all giddy about going to Wal-mart or Kroger (Dillons-for you northerners) to purchase eggs. But, you see, I buy my eggs locally. That means I get to go visit with the couple I buy my eggs from, Enos and Lena. Enos ( who people around here affectionately call "Sonny") and Lena are a couple well into their 70's who live in a simple little brick house on a Dairy Farm that is run by his son-in-law . Sonny loves his chickens. It's been rumored that he wakes up early every morning to feed them his own, homemade cornmeal mush.

I pulled up in the driveway today to find Sonny just getting home from mowing (he mows lawns for people on the side). He smiles and gives me a big wave as he finishes untying the tractor. I proceed to walk into the house. You see, they keep their eggs in a little mudroom in the back of their house. If no one's home you can just walk in, get into their fridge and pull out your eggs, and drop your money into the jar, right next to the sign (a styrofoam plate) that states the prices and "God Bless You!" on it. But today, everyone was home, even their daughter who still lives with them. I walked in to find Lena and Grace (the daughter) hulling strawberries. I asked if I could see how she did it, since I'm right in the process of "putting up" all the strawberries we just picked. She invites me in and shows me a couple times.
Grace said she hadn't seen the baby yet and wondered if she could get a peek at her, to which Lena said she'd like to come along too. So we all went out to the van, I unpacked the baby and they both ooed and ahed over her. :) We did eventually get to the eggs. Lena pulled them out of the fridge for me and I paid her although I hardly remember it because it all took place during our conversation. I asked how she had been doing and she said she was still having trouble with her hip but she was getting around. "At my age, it's just a blessing to be getting around at all." she said.
As I was leaving Sonny came over to the van. Took a look at the children and said, "Oh! Your children sure are growing up." He asked how we like the eggs and if we were satisfied. "Are they better than the Holbrook's eggs?" he asked. I had to giggle. The Holbrooks were our best friends here in Montezuma, who kept us in constant supply (for free!) of organic, free range eggs. But then they up and moved to Australia to tell people about Jesus (the nerve, right??). I told him I wasn't really an egg judge so I wouldn't be the person to ask. :)

So, what is the point of sharing this story with you today? I suppose part of it is to give you a little glimpse into my day. But a bigger part is to help people see the blessings of buying local and supporting your neighbors. Yes, it would have been easy to just grab a carton of eggs when I was at Wal-mart yesterday. But, not only did I get better eggs, I also got to support a family and develop relationships. I'll take that any day.

Blessings to you and yours,


carmen said...

I love it! Thanks for the sweet glimpse into an interaction from your day.

Em said...

I really enjoyed this, too! Thanks for giving us a glimpse of your day!

Marie said...

Aww that was sweet. Thanks for sharing!

There was an article in The Star about people in Overland Park "illegally" owning their own chickens. It's becoming more and more popular. Maybe I'll break the law too.

niKnox said...

what do you plan to do with all those strawberries? they are so hard to keep around - as they go bad so quickly! great story - wish we had an egg farm nearby. thankfully we have an all local grocery/market nearby though and farmers markets. it's the urban way of being local :)

Anonymous said...

Neat eggs from a real live dairy farm with friends to boot!

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Julie said...

What a great story. I would love that. Thanks for sharing.