Wednesday, June 3, 2009

CSA~week 1

I was SO excited to go pick up my goodies today. And boy, oh boy did we get a bunch!Here's what was in the box:
-Red Potatoes
-Beans (of the green variety)
-Squash (3 kinds, one of which I'm not sure what it is)
-Banana Peppers
-A dozen free range eggs

I can't believe how much I got for 1 week! We'll be feasting on lots of veggies. The children were all giddy, I think because they saw how excited I was. I let each one pick out their favorite thing and then they get to help me decide how to cook it.

Lilly was totally fascinated by the carrots long green plant part. She obviously didn't know they came like that. We planted some carrots last year in our garden but we must have planted them at the wrong time because they never came up.
I was surprised Luke picked this summer squash but then again he's always like squash. Last winter he begged me to buy an acorn squash at the supermarket. I'm not complaining!
Hello you beautiful peach! I've been waiting all year for you and in a couple more weeks I'll be buying you by the bushels and sticking you in my freezer. Yum! We got a whole bag full but I have a feeling they will be gone in a few days. If there are any left I might make some peach shortcake. (He was equally excited by the banana peppers. My children LOVE banana peppers.)Kate was just happy to get a car ride. :)That's it for this week. I hope I can use all this stuff before next weeks batch! If you have any good recipes or suggestions for any of this, PLEASE let me know. I love trying new things!

Running the race,


Donna said...

You can use the tops of carrots (the green stuff) to season stews, roasts, etc with -sorta like parsley! I even froze lots of it last year from the garden after rinsing and drying-- and of course you could probably dry it too!
I've always wanted to try csa but I don't know anything about one in my area.

StacyJean said...

Those carrots look to be bigger than Lilly's head. I love looking at pictures of your stinkin' adorable children.

michele said...

thank you for your sweet comments on my blog. i loved the pics of the kids with their goodies, and your baby's smiling face is PRECIOUS. our son, when he was small, used to eat frozen peas right out of the freezer...the good ol' days. :)

Paprika said...

Ahhh...all that fresh local produce looks wonderful!!! Yes, by the way, I would be very interested in your recipe for Peasant Bread. Thanks Amanda!