Sunday, August 30, 2009

Question #2

Happy Sunday everyone! We were richly blessed at our church today and I hope you were too! I want to continue answering the questions that were left for me. So...

What helped you make the decision to forego department store clothes for you and your girls? Was it faith-based? Was it financially-driven, or perhaps for modesty reasons?

The answer- Yes, yes, and yes! A while ago I posted a very long note of facebook about the spirtiual reasons of What helped you make the decision to forego department store clothes for you and your girls? Was it faith-based? Was it financially-driven, or perhaps for modesty reasons?why I dress the way I do. It's a good read and I encourage everyone to read it. If those of you not on facebook would like to read it just leave me a comment and I'd be glad to post it on here. In my opinion, modesty goes right along with the spiritual reasons. And the financial blessing is an added bonus. :) But, trust me, it was an issue that the Lord and I wrestled with for a long time. It wasn't like I woke up one morning and decided to go out and dress totally different than everyone I knew! You'd better believe I felt a strong conviction!
My goal in life is to glorify God in ALL that I do. Even when it comes to my clothing. I don't want to bring attention to myself or be in the latest fashion. That brings praise to me...not the Lord. The dresses that I (and my girls) wear are modest, plain, and frugal. Allowing me and those around me to set their minds on the things above and not of this world.

Hope that answers your question! Again, I totally recommend reading the facebook note, it goes into a good bit of detail.

Thanks again for reading!


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate your blog and your openness. I am not on facebook and I would really appreciate if
you could link me to the article. I have a question. Did you start dressing modestly and attending your current church after you were married? If so how did your husband handle the changes? Was he supportive? Thank you again.

In Him,

jenifriend said...

i'm hunting this down on facebook so i can read it. thanks for answering my question, amanda. this is something wonderful to ponder! :)

Our growing family said...

I do have an honest question...please don't take it wrong!
I have found it odd that many are trying to not bring attention to themselves as if it was totally a bad thing. It seems to me that often people in the Bible had attention brought to them so that others could see God at work. Not that it was their goal, but God used them to draw them to Himself.
And, by dressing very differently, aren't you drawing a lot of attention to yourself???
I usually don't notice others who are all wearing "normal" clothes, but I REALLY notice when people are wearing the kind of style that you are talking about and that your family wears.
I would love to hear your side of this...I hope this came out kindly...I really am curious! =)

Amanda said...

Michelle- We had been married about a year and a half when we made the change. He was a huge support. I couldn't have done it without him. Actually, he was the initiator! He was the one who originally was interested in this lifestyle. Even before we were married he told me how silly he thought it was to wear make up and how beautiful I was without it. He's a gem!

Jeni-I'm glad you are enjoying it! I'm going to post the facebook note on my blog so you can read it here if you want!

Growing family (sorry I don't know your name!)- Great question! And don't worry, no offense taken! I suppose I should clarify what I meant. I don't want to bring the WRONG attention to myself. When people see me, I don't want them to think "Oh, what expensive boots!" or "She has great taste in clothing!" But rather, when they look at me I want them to see a woman who seeks to honor God. And I totally agree with you on the point you made about some people bringing attention to themselves in order to do God's work. We stick out in a crowd....a lot. When we lived in North Georgia where no Mennonites live we, literally, could not go into Wal-mart without being stopped. It was amazing!

Hope that answered your questions! Keep em' coming!