Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back Home

We had a great time in Kansas. It was incredibly healing for my heart to be there. I hadn't realized how much I was missing Kansas and my family until I was there. The trip was bittersweet, though. For those of you who don't know, the week before Christmas my mother was diagnosed with cancer. She started her chemotherapy treamtments the week we were there. I was so glad I could be there but it certainly solidified the fact that this really was happening. Please, pray for her as she continues her battle and also for my dad who is doing an amazing job of supporting her. We all take great comfort in the fact that we serve a God who's plan is much greater than our own.

Despite the difficulties of the trip, we were so happy to see snow! It has been about 6 years since John or I had seen snow and it was our children's first time ever! Can you believe it. They had such a blast playing in it. I also got to see my very best friend, Marie, and her adorable family several times over the week, as well as several other friends. It was great to have a week of just relaxing, visiting, and enjoying family. I thought you'd enjoy some pictures. :)

Hope everyone is having a great new year!



TheBorman5 Plus1 said...

Amanda I am sorry to hear about your mother. I will be praying for her and your family. Your pictures are beautiful.

Paprika said...

I didn't know about you mom, Amanda. What a heart ache! Yes, I will pray.

Marie said...

It was a wonderful visit. I am so full of hope for your mom.

Keri said...

I am so sorry to hear about your mom! It feels like we are too young for these things to happen to our parents. Please know we are lifting up and praying for healing!