Monday, January 18, 2010


Inspired by Psalm 37:4, 11 ; 40:8

"Delight thyself in the Lord..."
I will delight myself in You.
I am delighted with Your boundless supply of love.
I am thrilled with Your patience.
I am glad for the priviledge of being Your daughter.
Your faithfulness reaches the clouds (so high!).
Your righteousness is like the great mountains.
Your judgments are a mighty deep.
I am delighted, Lord,
for the privilege of knowing You

I am delighted with the abundance of peace.
from friction
between me and another.
from tension,
from burdens,
from physical illness.
Peace with myself
(who and what I am is good because God made me that way).
Peace with my husband
(especially after we've disagreed).
Peace with my child.
Peace with brothers and sisters in the church.
Peace with you through the blood of Jesus.
I am delighted, Lord,
with the abundance of peace You've given me.

I am delighted with doing Your will.
Your will-
a story for my little child
or a time to hold and listen,
a pitcher of tea
for my husband,
a request for help
with sewing a dress,
a drink for a traveler
passing by,
an enforced rest
through illness,
a stubborn vehicle
or one out of gas
or one with a weak battery
or no vehicle.
I am delighted with doing Your will, Lord.
(I'll have to confess, Lord, I haven't always been delighted. But I am willing to be.)

I will delight in Your commandments, Lord.
You ask me
to love,
to forgive,
to persevere,
to grow,
to be kind,
to give,
to rejoice.
Lord, I am delighted with Your commandments.
Aid me, Lord, in doing them.

"...and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart."
My desire:
to love Thee more deeply
and to love my fellowmen generously,
without prerequisites.
My desire:
a pure heart,
untarnished attitudes,
sincere and upright motives.
My desire, Lord:
a closer, more intimate walk with You.
This, I know, You have promised.
And I am delighted!

Taken from Tea Leaves by Nancy Stutzman

This poem is from my devotional book that I read today. It really resonated with my heart. The Lord has given us SO much to delight in and be thankful for. All to often I come to the end of my day thinking of all the messes I had to clean up and temper tantrums I had to control. But my mind should be on the things above. There is so much to delight in! I am so thankful for the blood of Jesus and for God's amazing love for me, of which I am totally unworthy.


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Steve, Amanda, Kyle & Owen said...

Amanda, this is beautiful. I loved reading this poem, thank you for sharing it.

You have such a beautiful family.