Saturday, June 11, 2011

Day 11 {Something Blue}

Earlier this year I bought some new bedding for our bed. We had had our old bedding since we were married. It was stained from having lived through 4 babies. It had holes in it. In fact, on several occasions we would get into bed at night only to find one of the children had stuffed some kind of toy down one of the holes and we would spend the next 15 minutes trying to fish it out. We couldn't find a matching sheet set in our collection for anything. Normally, these types of things don't really bother me. But since my kiddos aren't little babies anymore, John and my room has become, well, more our's not everyone's. Moms, you know what I'm saying, right?

I wanted to do something special to mark this big occasion! John could care less about bedding and decorating in general, but he was kind and humored his little wife. He gave me a budget and I set to work! It had to be a good deal, it had to be something that both John and I liked (he actually did have opinions about it once I started showing him stuff), and it had to be comfortable.

All this to say, I'm really pleased with our bedding. It's bright and happy, I love curling up in bed at night, and I was under budget! Yay!

Anyone else out there get excited about new bedding? Or am I alone?? :)


Suzie said...

Me, Me! I Looooove new bedding. Yours is beautiful!

mimory said...

I love the colors of your sheets! Here's my story of our comfy bed -

We were taking a walk around the mall for exercise just this past week. While walking through Sears, there was a clearance bin with sheet sets in it, where I saw a cream colored set with a bright turquoise and orange border - the design was called Gypsy. For only 10.99 for the whole set! I was excited, but was even more excited when I took it to pay for it and found out it was also 50% off the lowest clearance price! A beautiful cotton sheet set for less than $6.00 with tax. And it's also as comfortable as it is beautiful. I love bargains like that!

Cindy P said...

I love new bedding! When we got married last April we got a new comforter set and sheets and all. Then in the fall I got a new fall colored quilt that we used for a while. I really am wanting a yellow quilt that they sell at Target, but I don't think Collin would be thrilled with me buying another quilt/bedspread. Guess I'll just have to wait until ours is needing replacement. =)

Paprika said...

I love new bedding too. I got a new quilt for our bed for my birthday a couple of years ago. I love yours too! So cheery and I love the colors!

Jess said...

I have a thing for bedding too and not just for my bed but the kids too. I have to be very disciplined and not allow myself to be caught in the emotion of bedding otherwise I would be a very poor lady!

I love the colour you have chosen. Very warm and inviting :)