Monday, June 27, 2011

Day 27 {From a Distance}

I have to admit that today's challenge was, well...a challenge.
Shooting from a distance is not my normal style.
I'm a "let's fill up the whole frame" kinda girl.
I was stumped.
Nothing a little bike ride can't fix though!
Although I can't help but feel I could have taken or edited this shot better.
It's kind of ...blah.
Any tips?


EdiLee said...

A couple things I think about when I take a distance shot (b/c I like/em close up too) if I want to get a far away view of something. Also I split the picture into thirds in my mind, and I try to keep the picture relatively simple...A distance shot with lots going on can be somewhat hard to look at. But if there are alot of trees or people, or activity. Then I'll do it in B&W or I'll post-edit it with one of the colors popping. Also Ideally I try not to get so far back that its hard to identify the subject/focal point of the picture. I so enjoyed your blog this month!

jenifriend said...

One word - squat. Get down on a lower level and allow the road to eat up most of your shot...or at least that's what I would have done. :)

Jenny Washburn said...

Yep, I was going to say get down on the ground too. If you don't mind getting a little dirty, lay down on your tummy and take the shot. You could try focusing on the kids, or the road in the foreground. When Robert and I photograph weddings, I will quite often turn around and find Robert laying on the ground getting an awesome perspective of the bride and groom and the scene around them. You did a great job Amanda! I love the colors. The country road is gorgeous. Beats the gray pavement in the city! :)

crickle1969 said...

I agree with the squatting thing, but there is something you can think about while you're shooting distance, it's all about the story the picture is telling. There is powerful story telling capabilities in long distance shooting. At close up, this picture would tell a whole different story than from far away. It would have a completely different feel to it. The feel of this is great and actually speaks to ANYONE who's ever taken a bike ride or hike as a kid on a summer day.

Anna said...

I don't think this is "blah" at all. It completely captures the essence of a summer day. I really enjoy this picture. Makes me want to skip work and go for a bike ride in the country! XOXO

Marie said...

You're doing great! I liked this pic.

Cindy P said...

I love this shot! I don't think it's blah. I think you captured the distance perfectly! I do agree with the other bloggers though, to make it a big more interesting, try squatting. Like jenifriend said, it fills up your frame and gives it some interest!