Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Scenes from our nature walk

We missed our usual trip to the river Monday morning because of bad weather. To make up for it, after we finished school today, we packed a picnic lunch and headed to the park. 

I'm pretty sure no one loves avocados more than me. 
LOVE them!

I love the little treasures my children pick up. 
Things I so easily overlook they find fascinating. 

The geese may look like they didn't care we were there.
 But they were not happy. 
I took my photo and we quickly departed. 

Cute duck friends!

It was a gorgeous day to be outside. 


Jenny Washburn said...

Sounds like a great day Amanda! I'm right there with you on the avocados. I love them! I've never put any on a bagel before. Thanks for the idea!

Great pictures! I love the two ducks. :)

Amanda said...

Thanks, Jenny! Avocado toast is one of my favorite breakfasts (or snacks, or lunches). I mash 1 avocado, then mix in some lemon juice, red onion, and salt. Yum!

Mountain Home Quilts said...

That park looks like it would be a wonderful place to go as an "alternate!"
My kids and I love avocado anything. Especially our littlest. He'll eat an entire avocado on his own, with nothing on it or mixed in.