Friday, February 15, 2008

Something I forgot

I thought of something else I wanted to post on here that I forgot to mention! I am trying (really hard!) to get better at photography. I love taking pictures. I just kind of stink at it. My friend, Jill, is doing this thing right now called "365" which is where she takes a picture a day for one year. And I thought to myself, "Hmm..I could do that. Maybe it would help me get better at photography." So, I am going to post them on here but realize that when I take pictures, I experiment a lot. Ok, that being said, here are some. Any comments would be appreciated!

Ok, so....this was the first one. Kind of armature, I know!

John liked this one. This is a little dowel thing that John carved a face into. It is a inside joke between us. But I'll never tell.....

Catching Lilly in one of her favorite activities.

This is Ebed. He lives in Indonesia. He likes to play marbles and to be outside. I am very grateful that God has allowed our paths to cross. Because while I may be helping him out, he is helping me so much more.

I love the contrast in this picture. I was feeling very bound this day. Lots of things were running through my mind and I felt very confined and those blasted pantyhose were not helping!

So, this would not be the kind of photography I would want to do. But we were trying to sell our camera on ebay and it was my picture of the day.

John had been working non-stop at the time of this picture. He would work late and then bring even more work home to do. This is a picture of one of the boxes of files he brought home. I was not a happy camper.

We are city folks trying to make it in the country. John had spent all afternoon chopping down a tree so that we could have firewood only to find out the next day that we couldn't use it. *sigh* but it made a nice picture.

Don't we all have those days where we just want to let loose?

*mental note: change picture BEFORE you upload it*
Valentine's day flowers. :)

I love this picture of Luke. He loves to be outside and explore. He loves to get his hands dirty and run around. I think he is the most amazing little boy I've ever known.

This is one of my favorite parts of our backyard. It's a swing thrown together and hung on a tree branch that have provided countless times of memories being made.
Who says you need a T.V.?

So, those are my photos thus far. Hopefully you can see I'm getting better. Thanks for reading, again. I would write more but I think this post is already too long! I promise I won't post so many pictures at one time again.

God Bless,


Johnsy said...

Great pictures! I love the one of Luke in the playhouse.... and the monkey head. Keep up the good work!

Terry McCary said...

Wow! I love the pictures. They're very expressive and eye-catching....
Go Mockingbird!