Thursday, March 20, 2008

Movin' on up...

Hey there, friends. Have you ever had one of those days where so many things went wrong you just can't help but be bummed? Welcome to my day. My brother (who is not a christian) is in a relationship that I desperately would like to see him out of. And things keep getting worse and worse. The Lord told me a long time ago that my brother was not going to be happy until he accepted Christ as his savior. And I've said about all I can say to him. Which is the part that really drives me crazy. What do you do when someone just won't accept your help? I guess my job is to just pray, love, and let the holy spirit do the rest. And while I know that God views those as some of the most important things you can do, I just wish I could be there. It's hard being half way across the country when your brother needs you. I'm worried about him. I wish I could just kidnap him and bring him to live with us but I know that would never work. On to bummer #2, a dear friend of mine, who I simply LOVE, is having some marriage problems. She's been lied to , deceived, and had her heart broken. But I am so amazed at her attitude!! She simply wants to love the man God gave to her and to see this thing through. She wants her love for him to be a testimony of God's love for him. Bless her heart! All of that is very encouraging but it is still hard to see her going through it. Again, I just want to be there. To babysit her child so she can have some alone time, to take her out for coffee, to pray with her. And lastly, bummer #3. We are moving tomorrow. I realized after I wrote my last entry that perhaps I should have been a little more specific. We are still staying in Georgia. We are moving one town over to a cheaper house. Let me explain a little. A few months ago the Lord began to prepare John and I for some big changes. He wasn't so specific as to tell us exactly what they would be but we do know that we need to get ready. God, being the smarty-pants that He is must have known that if He showed it to us all at once that I'd probably freak out ( and I probably would have). So, he's giving it to us in peices. He has told us to save money. And save alot. While, he has shared with us a little more than that we aren't quite ready to share it it with everyone yet. ( Gotta keep you coming back for more!) So back to my bummy mood, I just hope it all goes okay. Honestly, this whole past week all I've really wanted to do was pack up and go back to Kansas! ha! Everyone would be so shocked to see us! But I trust that God has us where he wants us for now. Usually, I try to stay pretty optimistic. I've got a great husband, wonderful children, and a God who is so awesome I can't even but it into words. But with so much stuff going on in the lives of people I love and me not being able to be there, it's got me down. So, pray for me. I think the next week will be kind of hard getting adjusted to our new setting. I wish I had the attitude that God would want me to have but, I'll be honest, I'm not there yet! Thanks for reading and have a blessed day!

Running the race,

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