Thursday, March 13, 2008

All too soon

I've been avoiding writing this post for a while. Finally, I decided I might at well just do it and be done with it. I hate to break the news but this blog will be very short lived. At the end of the month we will begin our "budgetarian" lifestyle and, unfortunately, the internet does not fit into our new diet. So, while may be able to update it here and there, it will never be the same. (please realize that this is all written with sarcasm and I'm really not THAT upset!) We've had a mad week of packing here at the Washburn household and hopefully by the end of next week we will be settled into our new abode. To be honest, I'm not too excited. But I am trying!! I've come to really love this house we live in now. It's become our home here in Montezuma. But maybe God is trying to teach me something. It's never good to get too attached to material things. I keep trying to remember that it is just a house. And all of this is for a purpose. This all goes back to my post a couple weeks ago about changes for us. God has shed some light on what is in store for us in the future and we want to do whatever His will is for us. ( Or, trust me, I'd be packing up and moving back to Kansas in a heartbeat!) My husband is outstanding, I must say. He knows I'm kind of having a hard time with this and he has been more supportive and encouraging than I could have asked for. God has truly blessed me. So, I will keep the posts coming for as long as I can. This little blog will be missed by me. But, a means to an end. Or maybe a means to another beginning.....

Running the race,

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Amy said...

Um, did I miss the train? Where are you moving? Back up the bus.

I know how unsettling change can be, but I'm very excited to see how God is going to mold and shape you to look more like Him. Thanks, also, for the encouragement. I really needed it!

Oh, and did you hear.... Janae and Shane had baby Hudson yesterday!!!