Saturday, August 30, 2008

The New Abode

Just about a month ago the Washburn's moved into a new house. Both Marie and my mom requested that I post some pictures. We still have a lot of unpacking to do. We moved in right in the middle of my morning sickness stage, not fun! Here you go!

Here she is. 190 Dixon Rd. Now, I'd just like to say, this was the first day of sunshine we'd had since hurricane (tropical storm, whatever) Faye hit us. So, you'll have to excuse the grass. It's a little ridiculous.

We live across the street from a pecan orchard. If you've never seen one they are quite a site. Pecan trees get huge and it is lovely to see these massive trees lined up in rows. We have a nice, big window on the front of the house and I love to just sit and watch the orchard. This is the view from my front door.

When we moved in we found out how truly blessed we were! Our property has 3 pecan trees, a pear tree, and a peach tree on it. This is our pear tree with little baby pears. Pear recipes, anyone??
It's the little details about the house I love. Unfortunately some of the best pictures I took wouldn't upload for some reason. But these will have to do. These are the doors that separate the living room from the dinning room.

This is the window that looks out to the backyard from our school room. Yes, we have a school room, let's remember I'm a homeschooling mom. A school room is a must! :)
And here is the cute little window that let's me see what my rascally children are doing in the school room while I'm cooking dinner. Love it!

On a totally unrelated note, I went to the farmer's market today! And even more exciting than our new house is that I think I might have found a CSA for us to get involved in! I've been searching for one since last March with no luck. At the farmer's market to day I was talking to my organic farmer friend, Lucy. I've kind of been pestering Lucy for the past month to start one but she really doesn't want to. Today she told me about one that she had heard about from someone else. Totally organic and pretty close to home! So now I just have to track them down and see! Yeah! Here's my buy at the farmer's market. Basil, eggplants, tomatoes, snap beans, and blueberries. All organic and all for well under $20! I love it!

Anyway, thanks for reading again. Right now I'm watching the sun set behind the pecan trees.....sigh...see you next time.

Running the race,


Em said...

I love your new home! It's beautiful! If you just lived closer, you could come pick all the basil you'd like from our garden. We have four or five plants that are waist high! We've eaten a lot of pesto this summer!

Paprika said...

Your home looks adorable!! Today I ate a fresh peach that made me want to have a peach tree in our back yard.

Marie said...

Amanda it's gorgeous! I love the wall color and all of the fruit trees. Sometimes I wonder why the heck Devin and I are living in suburbia. I would rather be out in the country looking at fields of pecan trees.