Thursday, August 28, 2008

Pickles and Ice Cream-hold the pickles, and maybe the ice cream too.

I am happy to announce that my husband just subscribed to my blog! He's now a regular reader. Isn't that sweet?? So, if you're reading, "Hi, honey! I love you. See you at lunchtime!"

Moving on, I thought it might be fun to hear from some of you mama's out there as to what you did or have been craving during pregnancy. I think it's funny how different everyone is in this respect. My cravings have been different every time, with the exception of one thing. Orange Juice!! When I am pregnant I can't get enough of the stuff. The first time I was pregnant I must have tried a million different orange juices until finally I settled on one brand....gotta love Simply Orange. We've been in love ever since. With Lilly, I wanted slurpie's all the time. Not very healthy, mind you, but it was a texture thing. I loved the little chunks of ice in it. Weird, I know. With Luke, I want protein like mad. Chicken, to be more specific. I ate it all the time. With Brad, my taste got a little more sophisticated, I guess. I had to have a constant supply of baguettes to dip in oil and vinegar. You'd be shocked how often I ate that stuff. And that brings me to this pregnancy. Mmm...tomato melts. :) I'll share the "recipe" below. So, now I want to hear from you. What did (are) you crave?? (Maybe it will give me some ideas!)

Tomato Melts

So, basically you take an english muffin and spread some mayo on it. Then I put some sub sauce (it's basically a bunch of spices in olive oil, I bought it at Wal-mart) on it, top it with a tomato and a slice of cheddar cheese. Broil for, oh... 1-2 minutes. Just until the cheese is melted. Yummy!

Running the race,


EdiLee said...

Pickles with both my pregnancies. And a little bit more of an intense love for Ice Cream than usual. Oh and I could eat half a bag of jumbo marshmellows in one sitting with my first preg. and not even feel a sugar high...that may explain his high energy since birth...

Marie said...

hardboiled eggs (mmmmmmmmmm)

Oh, and all of the foods you listed sound amazing.

Em said...

I have craved so many different things throughout my pregnancy and have had a VERY healthy appetite.... They've come and gone in phases. Ground beef crunchy tacos for the first two months, tomatoes, creamy tomato basil soup, mustard in excess on sandwiches, lemon-flavored things and lemonade, and most recently chocolate milk, made with Nesquik. One thing hasn't changed over the last 8 months, though...anything crunchy dipped in sour cream-based dip, like ranch. Can't get enough dip!! Thank goodness they 'make' lite sour cream! Fun post, Amanda!

Marie said...

I love you too! I miss Dashers. In fact, I miss other people cooking my food. Maybe someday I'll hire a personal chef. I really do not enjoy cooking as much as most of my friends. I'd rather drink wine and watch.