Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Arts and Crafts Time!

As most of you probably know, I home-school. I love it and am thankful I have the opportunity to do it. I try to stay pretty balanced. I realize that academic learning is valuable but I also realize that there is a lot more in life than "book work". So usually during the week I try to set aside some time for art, music, physical exercise, etc. I've said it before, I am not a creative person so sometimes coming up with art projects can be kind of challenging for me. That is why I love Family Fun! They have lots of great ideas for children of all ages. Our latest one was a collage house (and garden for Luke- the only catalogs I had left were seed catalogs!) It was really fun to see them be creative, to see what Lilly would pick out to have in her house and what Luke had for his garden. I must admit, I had to help Luke a little. When I came to see what he had cut out he had a whole pile of tools! No greenery, whatsoever. Ha! What a boy! So, we looked through the catalog together and picked out what he wanted. Here are some pictures.

Here are my little artists hard at work cutting away. Lilly found one of those advertisements for books and cut out about a million tiny little pictures of books. It took her forever to glue them all down.

Here they are, again. I love the look on Lilly's face as she contemplates which pictures to glue next. Such a little thinker! Luke's philosophy was the more glue the merrier. So, we wound up with dollops of glue about the size of quarters. But at least none of them will fall off.

And here they are with their finished products! I was actually very impressed. Lilly even separated her house into rooms and Luke gave his garden a flower border all the way around (is that normal for a almost 3 year old??). Maybe they inherited their daddy's creative gene!

So that was art class with the Washburn's. Anyone else have any creative ideas for 3 and 4 year olds?? Again, if you are looking for something crafty for your little ones to do check out www.familyfun.go.com It's got lots of goodies, even fun recipes to try. Thanks for checking in with us!

Running the race,


Marie said...

What a cute idea...
You're a good mom.

Paprika said...

Ditto. What Marie said. :)

Paprika said...

By the way....
Carcassonne is a game for 2-5 players. I don't really know how to explain it, but it's really not difficult. It's kind of a building/get points as you go type of game. Easy rules. For another awesome (but more complicated rules) game, try Settlers of Catan. Both are family faves. You can google them.