Monday, September 1, 2008

Help me save money...pretty please!

Okay all you couponing fiends, I need your help. I'm into saving money, just like everyone else but I'm a little unsure of the whole coupon thing. First of all, I live in the middle of no where. I've tried before to find a paper that actually has coupons on Sunday but so far have had no luck. And what is the grocery game?? How does is work? Will it work for me, who lives in the middle of no where?? I need some advice. Plus, do you get coupons for things other than processed foods? I don't want frozen dinners or biscuits in a can. Can you get discounts on staple things? I am totally clueless here! Help!



Marie said...

Here's where coupons have helped me the most: drugstore items. If I'm spending practically nothing on shampoo, lotion, razors, deodorant, detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, toothpaste etc. then I have more money to spend on food. I usually get coupons for cereal that I like (plain ol shredded wheat) soups, yogurt, coffee, lunchmeat, and those other basics. Sometimes there are awesome coupons; sometimes not so much. What drugstores do you have nearby? Have you checked at the grocery store to see if they sell the Atlanta Sunday paper? I am sure they at least have the Sunday edition somewhere. I love the grocery game because it does all the work for you. Check it out and see if it's in your area.

The other best advice I can give you is start a grocery budget and stick with it. I'd also definitely recommend paying cash for groceries. You will not spend as much money because it is painful to spend all your cash! It took us a few months to figure out how much we needed for groceries (the number kept climbing), so don't expect it to be perfect right away.

Em said...

Marie has a great point. I've only been a 'couponer' for a month and a half now...and find that I'm really saving on toiletry items (which really add up). A lot of it I'm getting for free now, from CVS. Is there a CVS nearby? (one you would be near once a week or every other week?) If not, Walgreens has some great deals, too. I've learned everything I know by 'googling' and reading blogs. These pharmacies are great because they both have systems that 'reward' you with in-store credit back for purchasing certain things. Combined with coupons (which you'd really need to make it 'work') you can get great deals for buying discounted items, with coupons, that you are given in-store 'cash rewards' for.

If you can just get your hands on the coupons, you can find a lot of pharmacy's weekly circulars/deals online. (CVS & Walgreens both have their own websites) That way it's easier to plan in advance which deals you'd like to take advantage of/combined with coupons. If you do have a CVS accessible, I can recommend a website or two that helped me out!