Saturday, September 20, 2008

A fun day

Yesterday was a good day. And at the end of the day I realized something. I haven't had a lot of good days lately. I started thinking about this. Why? Also, yesterday I got my copy of "Keepers At Home" for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a magazine that is directed towards Christian, women, homemakers. I love it. It is a breath of fresh air every time. Anyway, several times in the past few days this reoccurring message has been coming up. Once from an older lady in the grocery store, once from "Keepers", once from a homeschool web site, and once just in random thought. The message is "Enjoy your children now, while their young. Because the years will fly by and then they won't be there anymore." Since I don't believe in coincidences, I have to believe this is a message from the Lord. I think lately I've been so overwhelmed and discouraged. I've been trying to do it all and do it all perfectly. Trying to keep the house perfect, keep meals on time, stay caught up with the laundry, make school fun and challenging, and keep the kids happy. And realistically, I can't do it. I had a total break down two nights ago. I mean, in the bathroom sobbing because I let the devil lead me to believe I was a failure and that John just didin't understand and that it was so unfair! How unfair to John and really how selfish. Not what I want to be. After prayer, I came to realize that at this stage in my life I just can't do it all. I've got to do the best I can. I am reminded of some lyrics to one of my favorite Keith Green songs. He says, "Just keep doing your best and pray that it's blessed and He'll take care of the rest."
So, why was yesterday so wonderful? I just...let go. I let go of trying to do it all. I did a couple things around the house (swept the floor, switched some laundry, etc.) then I took the children to the park and let them run around. We took a walk. Had a picnic lunch (thanks, McDonald's!) at home and then played outside some more. And then when John got home we had a picnic dinner outside followed by some relaxing time laying in the hammock while the children played in the yard. Oh yah, and we have a sod field not too far from our house and so we walked down there and took off our shoes and ran around in it for a good while. It was sooo fun! (Just a note- don't do this in any random field. I'm not sure the owner would like it. Luckily, we know the owner and he wouldn't care.) I read a couple really good quotes yesterday in my "Keepers at Home" and I thought I'd share them. Maybe they can be an encouragement to some other frazzled mom.

"As adults we lose some of the wonder of life. Every day can seem pretty much the same, and if you're like me, some of your children's "experimenting" is frustrating because it interupts your busy day. However, if you take a moment to look at life through the eyes of a child you may be amazed at what you've missed." -Rebecca Miller- (This is totally where I was!)

This is the quote I read yesterday that really started all of my thinking.

"Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things."-Robert Brault

How true! You know, my children won't remember cob webs in the corner, or laundry that sat in the basket for an extra 3 days. They'll remember picnics, and art projects, and trips to the zoo. I don't want my children to look back and remember me as an uptight, cranky mom but as a mom who reflects the love of Jesus in all that she does. Anyway, I just wanted to share what the Lord has been teaching me lately. Being a mom (wife, homemaker, etc.) is a hard job. Would I want to switch with John? No way. It's not like his is a cake walk either. But that is why we need each other. To encourage and help. God designed me as He did and I love my role-challenges and all. I KNOW there are other moms out there who feel the same way. Pray for me, if you will. I still have a lot of learning to do. I have a lot of things I need to let Jesus take control of. But I'll keep doin' my best and praying that it's blessed. :) Thanks for reading.

Running the race (humbly),

And on a totally unrelated note: I'm always fascinated by what people take on picnics. How do you not make it so boring?? So, I thought I'd share what we took on our little impromptu picnic.

-tuna and cream cheese sandwiches
-celery with pineapple cream cheese
-cookies and brownies (I bought these at the Mennonite restaurant in town, yum!)

There you go! Have a picnic yourself!


Banana said...

On our last 2 picnics we brought...

This one was a potluck!
1. zesty fried chicken from the grocery store
2. potato wedges
3. chinese chicken salad
4. a cheese and cracker tray
5. fruit salad

This one wasn't a potluck
1. Sandwiches we made before we left
2. sliced cucumbers
3. slicked apples
4. a big bag of chips

Paprika said...

Loved the thoughts! Soooo true. I have to keep reminding myself of those exact same things. Thanks for sharing. :)And for the record, I've had my share of break downs. :)

Leah said...

i second erika! and totally resonate with SS (Supermom Syndrome) mom has always told me 'a mother's work is never done.' true words of wisdom...but how beautiful it is to let go of perfection and experience growth through it! love you amanda! you're doing a WONDERFUL job with your children :)

Marie said...

Show me a mom who hasn't had a breakdown, and I'll show you a mom who's living in fantasty land (with a live in nanny and personal chef). I think you're one of the best moms out there. I love watching you with your kids. You let them just... be. I know we're the same age, but you're my mentor mom. :)

P.S. I've enjoyed all of my phone conversations with Lilly lately. What a little cutie.

P.S.S. I love Bradley. Post a goofy picture of him.