Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ode to Bradley

I gave a short introduction to my youngest child a couple of entries ago. Bradley. But, Marie requested that I post some sort of funny picture of him. I thought I'd do one better than that and share pictures of the recent (honestly, all of these have happened in the last month) messes he's made. I told John I was going to start taking pictures of all of this so that when he gets married I can make a slide show to play at the rehearsal dinner. What a way to welcome the new daughter in law. "This is what you're in for!!!" My little boy is quite the.....adventurer.

This is what I walked into the other day. I was in the kitchen doing the dishes. When I was done I walked into the toy room to see Lilly and Luke but no Brad. Uh oh. Never a good sign. I found him in his closet and he had single handedly undone all of the organizing I had just done a few days ago.

I know you can't see it very well from the picture but see all those little black things on the floor? Raisins. And a ton of them. Now, I must admit that he had help from his big brother on this one. Somehow they got a hold of the bag and thought they'd invent a fun game. It involved spilling almost all the raisins on the floor and then running back and forth across them to see how many would get stuck to their feet. Nice, huh?

He also loves dirt. Does this surprise anyone? Whenever we go outside it is the first thing he heads for. He takes huge handfuls of it and pours it all over himself. To be honest, I think it's kind of cute. But still a mess in the end.

This is not including the messes I wasn't able to get pictures of like:
~getting the butter off the counter top. Eating half of it and spreading the other half all over the school room floor and his brothers bed.
~Using my toothbrush to clean the toilet. Praise the Lord I discovered it!
~ He managed to open my acrylic paints and paint half of his body a bright orange color. It DID NOT come out of his clothes (or mine, for that matter). But, luckily, it DID come out of his hair, skin, teeth.....
~twice now he's climbed up on something to attain my Bible. I now have 6 pages missing. Sorry, Lord. I don't think I'll be reading 1 Corinthians very much.

But, I wouldn't trade him for the world. This little guy who spent the first week of his life in intensive care, struggling to breath, has burst forth and embraced this life at full speed. I think I'll keep him. After all, he is kind of cute.

Running the race,


Marie said...

Thank you Amanda! That made my day! It took me 6 times of having to re-start my computer to get the internet to work, but it was totally worth it to see Brad's cute little mug. I hope he settles down soon. Maybe he needs some kind of alarm system! ;)

Paprika said...

What a cutie!! And I think he looks like his mama. :)

Em said...

wow, he's a handful...but sure is cute.