Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Good Music #2

Another fantastic musician I want to talk about it one named Derek Webb. Some of you would probably recognize his voice. For years he was one of the main singers of the band Caedmon's Call. He's been singing solo for several years now and I believe he's better than he's ever been. His voice has seen me through lots of different stages in life. The thing I appreciate most about Derek Webb is his willingness to say what needs to be said. I don't think there is anything wrong with praise and worship music but it seems to me that that is what makes up 98% of christian music today. Derek's (we're totally on a first name basis....) music says more than just that. He says what nobody else will say but what everyone desperately needs to hear. Some people call him a prophet for today's world. I certainly don't doubt that God is behind his music. Once you listen to them you won't doubt it either. Another cool thing. Is that Derek gives his music away for free. Inspired by Keith Green he is involved with NoiseTrade, which is a website that gives music away free. Check it out. Here's one of my favorite's. It's called "Wedding Dress". The record company almost wouldn't let him publish it. They thought it was too.....harsh. Oh, and there is a story behind it too. If you want to hear it go to youtube and look up derek webb- intro to wedding dress.

Running the race,


Amy said...

Oh how I love Derek Webb! I didn't realize he had a new album out... Thanks for pointing me toward some good reflective music. Love you!

Marie said...

Amanda I watched that video on youtube. Wow I really admired how honest he was. I have never read any of the Prayer of Jabez books (you know how I feel about bandwagons, except for brand new cleaning supplies) but there does seem to be a Prayer of Jabez for just about everyone. Where is the Prayer of Jabez anyway? Maybe I should read it in the actual Bible.