Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A heart like His

This morning the children slept in late and hubby-kins had to go into work early. That left me with a little time to be by myself to reflect on things. I thought about my children and how much they've grown over the past year. Yes, they have a sinful, selfish nature (just like all children) but I see a lot of our Creator in them too. Their unwavering faith and trust in us as parents. Their endless joy. Their willingness to believe. Those are just a few of the things that make me wish I could go back. A lot of you who read this blog are young parents or maybe even just about to dive into this crazy world of parenting. So, let me give you a little advice. Foster these qualities. When a child shows one of our Fathers qualities encourage them, praise them, pray for them. Sadly, if not taught and encouraged they will disappear and be replaced with what the world teaches them to be. Lilly, I can already see, has a giving heart. She loves to make/send people little gifts. The other day John and I were sitting in the living room working on a project and we see her walk in with two mugs of water and sets them on the table. She said, " I saw that you were working and thought you might be thirsty." She had the biggest smile on her face (and so did we) like she knew she was doing something to make us happy. Yesterday, I had to run to CVS. The whole way she was talking about who she wanted to buy cards for so she could let them know she was thinking of them. The tally was up to five by the time we got there. And my Luke, even at such a young age, he already is given to prayer. If he sees that I am tired or not feeling well he says, "Mama, I'll pray for you." Then he goes and buries his face in the couch cushions for a few seconds. He sits up with a big smile on his face and says, "I prayed for you." His prayers are so innocent and sweet. Today, during family devotions (we call it "Praise and Prayer") His prayer went something like this, "Dear Father, please help daddy, and me, and my toys. In Jesus name, Amen." Ha! Anyway, if we teach our little ones at a young age to love God and teach them to pray, and read the Word, and serve, and love others, it will bring blessings. I truly believe that. Teach them to pray.Not only before meals and before they go to bed but when they've lost a toy, when they scape their knee, or when they've hurt someones feelings. Even if they seem young, they are listening. It's so important. "Train up a child in the way they should go and they will not depart from it." says God. Godspeed. It's a big job but the most important of your life.

Running the race,

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