Saturday, September 6, 2008

Names, names, names!

Pretty much everyone knows that John and I are expecting our fourth baby at the end of February. We are very excited, of course! But one thing that both John and I dread is talking about baby names. You see, John and I have totally different ideas about what names sound good. We discovered this very quickly with our first baby. Me, being the excited first time mom, wanted to talk about baby names right away. As we sat in Wendy's eating our food, discussing names, I realized this was going to be harder than I thought. After many, many months of talking we decided on the name Hannah (or Owen, if it was a boy). Yah! But, as the date approached I began rethinking and we started talking again. Sigh. Eventually we agreed on Lillian. Praise the Lord! Since then it has been something we still struggle with. You'd think by baby #4 we'd know what the other likes. And I do. It's just that I don't like the names he likes and he doesn't like mine. Ha! Example, if it had been up to him Bradley (baby #3) would have been named Boaz. BOAZ!! Now, in his defense, Boaz is one of John and my favorite people in the Bible and if my son turned out to have a heart like him I would be thrilled. But I'm just not nuts about the name, okay? I'm a simple girl and I like simple names. Well, the subject came up last night. We had been putting it off because we already knew it would lead to frustration. I was shocked when the conversation was actually going somewhere. And, miracles of miracles, we picked out a girl name! I couldn't believe it. I kept going around saying the name over and over. I just couldn't believe we had decided this early! All that's left is deciding the boy name. He's still rooting for Boaz but I don't think I'll budge on that one. Not to offend anyone but we aren't telling the names....yet. We usually aren't the type of people to keep things to ourselves but we've decided to wait just a while. But! I thought it might be interesting to see what the top baby names of 2007 were. So, here you go!





It's none of these, by the way. I wouldn't give it away that easily! Anyway, thanks for checking in with us again!

Running the race,

P.S. I just thought I'd share that as I was writing this my 2 year old decided it would be a good idea to wipe himself after going stinky in the potty. Let me assure you, not a good idea. Never a dull moment, people!


Marie said...

Amanda can you just say poop please? ;) I DARE you.

Please don't name your child Boaz. It's really not ok. I'm with you 100% on that one. I'm having a hard time with a boy name too. Our girl name is Ainsley. Did I already tell you that? I like Austin and Jack a lot right now.

Marie said...

Don't forget Phillips, Craig and Dean! ;)