Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hours of fun

My parents sent Luke a birthday present yesterday. P.S.- thanks, mom, for the Cherry Mashes. They were excellent. Moving on, along with the present my parents had bought some fall clothing for the kids and a couple other little toys for Lilly and Brad. They actually had to go out and buy a box because they couldn't find one around that was big enough. So, yesterday afternoon was spent playing with all the new toys. Well today the toys were forgotten and the children discovered.....the box. Honestly, they spent a good hour playing with that thing. First they were chicks coming out of their eggs, then it was a tent, then they were turtles and the box was their shell. It was pretty hilarious to sit and watch them imagine. Did I used to do that? Gosh, where has my imagination gone? If someone were to hand me a box now I think I'd probably just blankly stare at them. And believe it or not, they are still playing with that thing. I finally made them take a break because they were starting to fight but right after dinner they were back at it. So grandparents, if you are going to send your grandchild a birthday present, make sure you get a nice big box.

Loving it,

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Anonymous said...

What fun! I always crack jokes at my family that they don't ever need to purchase my future children toys as long as they supply a bunch of boxes in various sizes. I can't deny it...I still play in them. My future mother-in-law received file cabinets that were about five feet tall a few weeks back, and the boxes they came in were just as huge. I spent hours playing in them...what fun!!