Thursday, October 16, 2008

I love homeschooling!

*This post is especially for my mom. Who sent me an email today telling us that she missed us. She's a teacher and would love this kind of stuff. So, expect random pictures of the kiddos. Love you, mom!*

Today was a lovely day. It was around 80 degrees or so and I was trying to think of a way to get the children out of the house. Then I remembered that we were a good bit ahead in our curriculum. So that meant.....field trip!! Didn't you always love those as a kid? Of course, I had to make it a somewhat educational one to make myself feel better. I came up with a list of things I wanted each child to look for, depending on their academic level, and we headed off to a playground outside of one of the churches in town. My town is not..uh..blessed enough to have city parks so we take what we can get! I am so thankful that I homeschool and that I have the opportunity to do things like this with them. Here are the pictures, mom!

Luke was assigned to look for something round. It's hard, after 10 minutes of searching and him being distracted by every little thing, to not start point out anything closely resembling a circle but he finally got with the game and started finding things left and right.

Lilly was to find a rectangle. She really had no problem with this. She knows her shapes just fine but I wanted to give her a couple easy ones.

Next, Luke had to find something red. Not hard considering the church must have been painting some of their cabinets and there was this huge, red, bookcase right there.

Lilly needed to find three of something. 3 acorns, 3 flowers, etc. She did really well! She was running all over the playground yelling, "Look, mama! 1-2-3!!"

So, anyway, you get the general idea. We stuck to shapes, colors, and numbers, which was pretty good for Luke but next time Lilly needs something a little more challenging. And, of course, after the scavenger hunt I let them run around and play. Which they loved. Mom, you remember the playground we went to before? With the big track to run around on?

Hmm?? And where is Bradley?? DO YOU EVEN NEED TO ASK???

I really don't think this boy can go anywhere without bringing pockets full of dirt home. Sigh...I love that boy!

Thanks for checking in with us today. God's been really good to us (as always!) this week and we are feeling very blessed. I hope you can say the same!!

Running the race,


Marie said...

Ooooh good idea! I'm going to try that one with Addison and Celia. I'm sure they'll love it! Amanda, I've been truly impressed with how you want to homeschool your kiddos and stick to it. I know we've had our differences in that arena, but I think you're doing a great job already. I'm really, really proud of you.

Marie said...

I was trying to think what my cardboard testimony would be. I don't think I have that one thing like those other people have, but it was definitely thought provoking and beautiful. My mom sent that to me and usually I don't like to read stuff my mom sends because it's sort of cheesy. She did good this time!