Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Proclaiming the Truth

I first heard about Voddie Baucham a few weeks ago on another blog. I was so impressed with what I heard about him that I looked on YouTube to see if they had anything from him. Of course, they did! Doesn't YouTube have everything?! John and I had been listening to a lecture series by Walter Veith (check it out!) every night but Saturday, after the kiddo's went to bed, we took a break to listen to Voddie Baucham's message called "Biblical Womanhood". It was fantastic! On YouTube there are 8 parts for a total of an hour and a half (I think). If you watch this first one, make sure you watch them all. He also had some video's titled "Biblical manhood" which John listened to and he said they were excellent as well. We are getting ready to read his book " Family Driven Faith". I've heard it's a great book. Anyone read it? Watch the video if you have time and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

You might want to check out my blog friends "Debbie" and "Kristi", as they are huge Voddie Baucham fans. I haven't watched his videos because our computer is missing its sound drive, but I know they both have read or are reading his book "Family Driven Faith" and are really moved by it.