Monday, November 17, 2008

Menu Monday

I was inspired by another friend, Erica, to share what my menu is going to be this week. I'm always kind of fascinated to see what people eat. Is that weird?? Our groceries this week cost $60. Not bad for a family of 5, huh?? That's including all the snacks for the kids and everything. Our grocery bill has gone down alot since we quit eating dried cereal and I've started baking all of our bread. Almost all of my recipes came from the More with Less cookbook. If you don't have it (and you like to save money) then that would be a good one to get. Oh and, just a warning, John and I are trying to eat healthy. We don't eat a lot of meat, especially red meat. Some of these recipes may seem weird, but I assure they are all healthy and cheap! Also, we actually went grocery shopping Friday. So this is my menu from last Saturday to Friday. Got that?

Saturday: We had friends over. So I made a big pot of chili (with turkey). Cornbread. A tray of veggies (carrots, broccoli, celery, tomatoes) with dip. Brownies (made with honey not sugar) and ice cream for dessert.

Sun: Leftovers

Monday: Spaghetti with tomato sauce. I'm using lentils instead of meat. I've heard that lentils are supposed to be a great substitute for ground meat in things like spaghetti, sloppy joes, etc. And they are much healthier. I'll probably also make some French bread and make some kind of a salad.

Tuesday: Fried Rice with a salad or some kind of veggie.

Wednesday: Beans and cornbread

Thursday: Navajo Tacos. This involves mashing up all the leftover beans from Wednesday and making it into refried beans. We'll also have either nachos or chips and salsa or maybe a veggie.

Friday: Ham, cheese and potato scallop. I have frozen ham slices that I've had since....well, let's just say I need to use them up soon. We'll have rice and either salad or bread with it too.

There's the plan for this week. If I ever invite you over for dinner, don't be scared. I actually do know how to cook normal food. But for just us, we like to keep it simple. What are you having this week?

Running the race,


Anonymous said...

Personally I think most of this sounds delicious...but Jeremy also says none of my food is normal either sooo...we can be un-normal together! :)

Lentils...are they salty? I have heard they can be extremely salty...maybe I'm thinking of something else?

Marie said...

ooooh that all sounds really, really good! Can I have the recipes? I would love to use beans/lentils in stuff too. $60!? You're awesome! I went over my $80 budget for sure this week.

Marie said...

I think it'd be ok to share the recipe since I pretty much advertised the thing! :) I just like that we have that in common. I bet we'll both be making that for many Thanksgivings to come...

P.S. Will you email me the recipe? I lost it...