Saturday, November 22, 2008

The big switch

Okay. Brace yourself. We've got news. :) And I'm just going to come out with it so that everyone knows and it's over with. As most of you know, John and I try to eat pretty healthy. No trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, MSG ( I get a headache just thinking about it...), no white refined sugar, among other things. So, we've been studying even more lately on this topic. We came across this lecture series on health that we've been watching over the past week. It was eye opening, to say the least. If you'd like to watch them (and you should!) you can go here. It will take you a little while to watch. I think there are like 5 or6 videos that are maybe and hour and a half long. But he made some really good points. Oh, wait. I haven't said our big announcement yet! I forgot. John and I are thinking of making the transition to vegetarian. There! I said it! We aren't really animal right activists. Although, living in an agricultural community I have, at times, been totally disgusted and appalled at what they do to animals now a days. Really, it's for health reasons. No religious convictions behind it, except we want to take care of the bodies the Lord gave us. Also, our diet will not become our religion. I refuse to feel like I'm "sinning" if some pieces of ham get thrown into my salad. Oh! The biggest thing I'm thinking of giving up....chocolate. I know! I know! But if what he said in his videos is true....that stuff needs to go. Of course, this will effect the children too. But they love fruits and veggies. Some of you might be asking "Protein?? Hello??" But did you know that plant proteins are actually MUCH better for you than animal proteins? Beans, nuts, and lots of different types of veggies have protein. Anyway, it's something we are seriously thinking about and will probably start moving towards. Wish us luck!



Marie said...

I salute you, my friend, and wish the best of luck in your meatless endeavor.

I saw this movie called Fast Food Nation and it almost tempted me to become vegetarian. Maybe you should watch that one too (it's not a documentary).

But no chocolate? I DON'T THINK SO!
But hey, good luck to you on that one too.


My Year Without said...

Congrats on making new healthy food choices! You are right about the vegetarian protein. It may help you to print out some food combinations that will guide you on what veggies to eat with other foods. Meat protein has all of the amino acids, but vegetarian protein relies upon the correct combination of various veggies, nuts, beans, etc. to get the complete chain of amino acids.

I will always advocate for a healthier diet--just make sure you know how to go about it right!

Also, there are some terrific snacks that are made with natural sweeteners, so you don't have to feel like you are giving up everything! And on the chocolate thing--you may have to give up chocolate bars, but if you buy pure cocoa, and mix it with a little honey and milk, you can have sugar-free hot chocolate!

Again, congrats on your healthy food choices!

niKnox said...

Awesome! More and more often KV and I take a break from meat and animal products and we have reduced our meat consumption tremendously in the last year. We are also moving away from refined sugars, processed foods, etc. Most of this is due to books I've read such as Omnivore's Dilemma. Keep posting about what you read and find - it always amazes me how little we really know about the food we eat! We are suckers for ice cream though - that will be the very last change (if it ever comes at all). By the way - quinoa is a grain that has a high protein content and it is pretty good.

Erin said...

Congrats Amanda!!! :) I've just turned vegetarian within the last several months and I love it! I eat so much better now! There is a lot of junk food out there at veggies can still eat, but it sounds like you and your family don't eat that stuff anyways!

If you EVER need recipes let me know! Or advice or just someone to get ideas from! :)

Much Love