Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The never ending saga

The name game still continues in this house. I'm beginning to think this baby isn't going to have a name until we are forced to put something down on paper. Just in case you didn't know, neither of us were particularly fond of the name Bradley (and it was nearly Sebastian....hmm.) for baby #3 but it was the ONLY one we could agree on. Thus, little Bradley was named. I took a little survey today in the house of names we all liked (hoping to get some inspiration). I thought I'd share.

Amanda: G- Rebecca B- Jeremiah

Luke: G- Katherine B- Joseph ; Oh, and Katherine (John's co-worker) if you are reading this, Luke told me he liked that name specifically because of you!

Lilly: G-Jezebel B- King Ahab; Um...yah. Guess what story we were reading in the Bible today. Don't worry. This one will NOT happen. I just didn't have the heart to tell her.

John: G-Molly or Lucy B- Boaz ; Yes, he's still stuck on Boaz. I just won't even go there.

I like the name Lucy too. But I have hopes and dreams of adopting a little chinese girl and naming her Lucy, so I'm holding out!

Well, now I'm open to suggestions. Yes, it has come to this. You, too, can name my baby. Any ideas??

Running the race,


EdiLee said...

I have always really liked Seth for a boy and Kate for a girl...

Marie said...

Rebecca's cute, but I'd go with Jezebel for sure! ;)

I like Jeremiah a lot too, but I am almost positive you're having a girl. This pregnancy has been so different from the others!

Enjoyer of the Journey said...

G: Bella B: Josiah

I really like the name Zane for a fun!!

Amanda said...

We had thought about the name Josiah, too. I really like it. But one of our friends just had a boy and named him that! And...I really like Bella.

Marie said...

Bella Washburn sounds cute!