Monday, November 24, 2008


This morning I woke up, ready to start preparing for Thanksgiving. I was already feeling stressed, anxious, frazzled. All those things you're supposed to feel before a big day, right? I was thinking about mopping the floors ( I love our hardwood floors but they are a bear to clean!), cleaning the bathroom, cooking some food, running some errands, etc. As I was brushing my teeth (this is where I do all my deep thinking. :) ) I had some time to reflect and pray for God to calm me down. That is when He spoke to my heart. "Amanda, " He said. " You need to put some things in perspective." That's when I stepped out of my little bubble and began looking at the big picture. Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday, in my opinion. We get to be unselfish and give thanks for all of the blessings the Lord has given us. It's a time to come together with family and friends and share a meal, something Jesus did with his friends regularly. We'll sit down to our feast eat until we can't anymore, probably leaving plates half full at the end. But my plea to you today is to remember those who will wake up on Thursday morning and eat their meal of rice, which will be their only meal of the day. Then go out and work hard, manual labor from sun up to sun down just to buy that rice. I don't mean to cast a dark mood over Thanksgiving. I just needed to put some things in perspective. If you get the chance on Thanksgiving day, remember to lift up a prayer for those who may never see this much food in their life. It certainly helped me to realize that it really doesn't matter if the potatoes have lumps or the windows don't get washed. It's about being thankful. Here's a song that the Lord brought to my mind today that really helped....well....put things in perspective.

Running the race,

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Amy said...

Your words are so true! Thanks for sharing your heart on this... it was exactly what I was feeling and couldn't verbalize.

I would love some of your Thanksgiving recipe magic. When you get a chance to unwind after the holiday, can you pass some of the goodness along to me? Love you! Praying lots!