Saturday, November 8, 2008

When I grow up....

Yes, it's Saturday night. I'm at home. So, I thought I'd blog about my random thoughts, m-kay? At the beginning of the year I had made this decision that I was going to try to get into photography. I was going to try to take at least one picture a day just to get me on my way. Well, busy-ness set in and eventually I let the project go. Now, several months later I'm wishing I'd stuck to it. You see, I want to be a photographer when I grow up. I love (LOVE) photography. Right now it's more looking at cool pictures then taking them. But I'd really like to enjoy taking them too. To be even more discriptive. I love looking at pictures of people. I'm a people watcher. God has made so many beautifully unique people. I just love to observe His creation. But I haven't quite figured out how to do this without looking like some wierd, stalker person. Anyway, so what is the starting point for someone trying to get into photography? Is it buying a decent camera? Paying attention to photo opportunities? I just don't know. Any suggestions? If you haven't looked at my friend Jill's photos, you should. I love her photo's. This is the kind of photography I'd love to do. I also would love to travel around the world and take pictures of different cultures. Again, God created so many unique cultures and people. It's just fascinating. But that will have to wait for another time. Another fun blog is Compasssion International's photographer, Keely Scott. Anyway, more daydreams. I'd love any advice from you photographers out there. How did you get started? What should I do?

Running the race,


Marie said...

I know nothing about photography. Just wanted to give you a little encouragement!


lgraves said...

i would like to know what your research leads you too ... i'm wanting to try my hand at it too! :)