Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Giving thanks

The year is quickly drawing to a close. I can't believe it. Could it really be 2009 already?? Today I am taking some time to reflect on the many blessings that God has given me over the past year. He, alone, is the one who all good things come from. I have nothing else to do but to thank and praise Him.

1. I am thankful for Jesus. I am often in awe that He can love me so unfailingly when I come so short of what He wants me to be. I am thankful He has guided, directed, and loved me through 2008.

2. I am SO thankful for the Bible. Sometimes I think about what life would be like without it and I just can't imagine. I am thankful God has given us this beautiful book so that we may better know and serve Him. Luke had a bad dream the other night. He dreamed that there was some sort of "danger" outside of his bedroom trying to break down the door and get in. He said that he and John were there with swords trying to fight it off. Kind of a vivid dream for a 3 year old, right?? But, it was a great opportunity to explain to him that there IS a danger out there called Satan and that God HAS given us a sword, the word of God. (Ephesians 6:17). Let's never take this beautiful gift of God for granted. (As I so often do!)

3. I am also thankful for God giving me another year with these wonderful people who are my family. We've had several deaths in our community over the past year and it has just helped me realize that my family are not mine at all, but God's. He may choose to take them any time He pleases. But I am thankful that I've had one more year with them.

4. I am thankful for another life being created in me! I am getting really excited to meet this new baby. Because of circumstances with past pregnancies, this will probably be my last biological child. The doctors just don't think my body can handle any more. So, it is an extra special experience.

5. Earlier in 2008 we paid off all our debt! Granted, our debt was only around $1,600 or so, which to many of you isn't anything, BUT we've also managed to stay debt-free! No car payments, no credit cards, aww...it feels good. Praise the Lord.

6. I am also thankful for the fellowship of like-minded believers. I've come to realize over this past year that while other Christians and I may not see eye to eye on everything, fellowship can still be just as sweet.

7. Last, but certainly not least, I am thankful that God has given me the opportunity to be a "keeper at home". I realize that many out there are not able to so for one reason or another and so I truly feel blessed. I love staying home with my children. It's been a learning experience, that's for sure! But, I've seen myself grow in this area and it encourages me to keep going. Hopefully, I can remember this on the days I think I'm at my wit's end!

So, what things over the past year are you thankful for? How has God blessed you and your family?

Running the race,

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mom!!


Laura said...

What a great list of things you're thankful for! Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well!

lovestained said...

I meant to respond to this earlier, but now is as good a time as any! I am grateful God showed me His way...I wasn't saved until just the Summer of 2008 and am so grateful that my Lord perservered and refused to give up on me. That is what I'm grateful for!!