Sunday, January 4, 2009


Yesterday we went to an auction. We've been to a couple before but went more for the social-ness (is that a word??) of it than to actually by stuff. But not yesterday! Yesterday, we went with cash in pocket and some specific items that we were looking for. It was really fun! We went a little over our budget, but then we figured it was all for a good cause ( a family who's moving to Australia to be missionaries). It took us (and by "us" I mean John. I let him take care of it all) a little while to figure out how it all works but once we (again, him) got the hang of it we were like one of the pro's. You have to make an initial gesture to let the auctioneer know you are interested and then he keeps an eye of you and any others interested, after that it only takes a simple nod to up the bid. Here's a list of some of the things we got:
~ end tables
~ office chair
~ school desk
~ pasta maker (with ravioli attachment!)
~ HHO supplies (okay, you probably don't know what this is but it's VERY expensive stuff we got for pretty cheap)
~ electric griddle
~ one of those jumpy seat things for babies that hang in the doorway
~ rice cooker
~ some nice kitchen knives
~ broadfork
~ set of silverwear
~ Hebrew/English Lexicon

John got some other tool type things but, honestly, I wasn't paying attention to that stuff. Here's a few pictures just to give you an idea~

A picture of where all the action was. I think they were auctioning off tools or something. Which would explain why I was walking around taking pictures and not paying attention. :)

A typical scene around the Mennonite life. A bunch of young girls huddled around a baby.

Here are two of my favorite men watching all of the happenings. I love this picture. :)

Happy New Year to everyone! Usually I'm not a "resolution" type person. But I feel like God is trying to tell me I need to set some goals for myself this year. So, stay tuned! I've really enjoyed reading some of yours and am looking forward to creating my own! Thanks for reading!

Running the race,


Marie said...

Wow look at all the Mennonites! I really need to come visit you. I am so excited you found a griddle! You were just talking about how you wanted one. I hope Steve and Stephanie weren't too sad to watch all their stuff being sold, but it sure is for an exciting cause.

Banana said...

I love the picture of the girls huddled around the baby!

That pasta maker with ravioli attachment sounds like a great find!! I want one of those.

Anonymous said...

an hho is like a hydrogen generator...right? i googled it and that's all i found!! :)

love all of the stuff you got. i adore auctions and they really are so fun to go to. don't get swept up...they can become addictive!!

and i'm super envious that you found a ravioli machine! what fun will that be to use?!

Marvin, Erica and Calvin said...

It sounds like you guys found some good deals. I love auctions.

About the Yogurt: I left the yogurt plain and have been adding blended fruit or honey each serving (I still had some baby food left in the freezer). I did add a couple tablespoons of powdered milk to the warm milk mixture when it called for you to add the yogurt. On the crockpot website she has a price breakdown and it's MUCH cheaper!