Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happy Birthday, Marie!

Today is my very best friend, Marie's birthday. In honor of this very special day I put together a little slide show of us over the years. A little background- Marie and I met our freshman year of high band camp. :) She with her rubber ducky earrings and me in my Spock shirt (yes, as in Star Trek. Eek!). As soon as I was introduced to her I knew I wanted to be friends with this girl. So, I offered to give her a tour of the high school. Now, mind you, I was a freshman too, so I didn't know my way around the high school at all, but it didn't matter. That was the beginning of a friendship that has lasted 12 years and is still going. She moved to Maryland right before our junior year of college. After we graduated high school she decided to come back and go to K-state. I've heard her say that she came back more for me than for Devin (who she was dating at the time), sorry Dev. :) We've been through troubled times, college, weddings, babies, and much more together. God has blessed me with a truly wonderful friend and sister in Christ. Anyway, for the full effect of the slide show you have to play the you tube video along with the slide show. That's just how it works, people! Enjoy! Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY SWEET FRIEND! I love you!

And remember, Marie, "Happy Birthday to you. You're so young. Age is just a number. Don't you stop having fun." Those New Kids on the Block are so wise...


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Marie said...

That was really sweet Amanda! It made me feel very happy and loved. I love you too!