Tuesday, January 27, 2009

25 random's

I decided to post this on my blog since some of you who read this don't have a facebook account. If you haven't yet, you should try it! It's kind of fun!

25 random facts about me
1. In all of our (almost) 6 years of marriage I have either been pregnant or breastfeeding all but 5 months of it.
2. My husband and I dream of living in Japan.
3. We want to adopt a chinese girl and name her Lucy.
4. I LOVE to brush my teeth. Sometimes I brush them not becuse I need to but because I just like the way it feels. :)
5. Those car washes with the long, rubber, floppy, wiper things totally freak me out.
6. I have a fear of the ocean.
7. If I could visit anywhere in the U.S. I'd go to the Grand Canyon.
8. I love to give gifts. Oh, I'll just admit it- I love getting them too!
9. Potty training and watching my children learn to self feed are the things in parenting that have tried my patience the most.
10. I never, NEVER thought I'd homeschool but I love it.
11. I love reading blogs.
12. Reading is one of my favorite things to do.
13. I desperatly want to be a photographer.
14. I love being biblically challenged.
15. I have this really weird disorder called Vitiligo. Google it.
16. I still sneak into my children's room at night just to watch them sleep.
17. I never wanted to live in the country but am not sure I could ever live in a city again.
18. It's really hard to make me cry in front of people.
19. I miss snow.
20. I only drink water and occasionally juice.
21. I don't own a microwave or a T.V.
22. I am thankful to be debt-free.
23. My favorite place we have lived was Harrison Arkansas. Beautiful!
24. I miss dorm food from college.
25. I was actually on the track team in middle school. I still can't believe it.

Thanks for reading!

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Anonymous said...

this was so interesting! i love learning random things about people, especially you!! :)