Monday, January 26, 2009

A plea for prayer

Meet the McClenahans. Jess, Joel, and their 10 month old daughter Cora. I met Jess and Joel in college. We (along with others) got to spend some amazing time in China together. Jess and I were roommates while we were there. I've always been blessed by Jess's gentle nature and she has one of the sweetest spirits I have ever come across. And Joel, well, he is just a fun guy to be around!

This weekend I found out through friends that Thursday their daughter, Cora, was diagnosed with cancer in her liver. It has been heavy on my heart ever since. Last night I even had dreams about it. I can feel the Lord calling me to pray for this wonderful family and especially little Cora. So, I'm joining other friends of this family who are using their blogs to ask you to pray for them. They are such a young couple to be going through something like this and it seems like no 10 month old should have to endure what she is. She's already had one surgery and is starting chemo sometime this week. You can keep up with their story at their website. Thanks for being willing to pray!

Pray for Cora

Running the race,

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Anonymous said...

I'm all over it, thanks to you and Carmen. Please continue to keep us posted Amanda!!