Monday, January 5, 2009

The day we said "goodbye" to our microwave

We are celebrating an anniversary here at our house. It's not a wedding or baby anniversary but it's been one year since we gave up our microwave. I know, some of you out there are probably saying, "What!? No microwave!" But,I tell you, it really hasn't been that big of an adjustment. In the past couple years John and I have dramatically changed how we eat, clean, and live, all in pursuit of a healither lifestyle. I'm thinking one of my new years resolutions is to talk a little more about health on my here goes! I've never really heard any solid %100 fact that microwaves are harmful to people but John and I did start hearing that they could be harmful, so we started looking into it. As we researched more and more we just weren't very happy with what we were finding. Studies showing correlations between microwaves and many common illnesses today, not just cancer. We also saw several recommendations to stay at least 10 feet from a microwave when it is in use! And here I am letting Lilly push all the buttons!!

I'm not trying to convince anyone to get rid of their microwave but I do think it would be worth reading about. Here are a couple articles that I found interesting:

The Proven Dangers of Microwaves
Microwave Cooking is Killing People

Honestly, it was not that big of an adjustment for me to go without it. The only think I really used it for was to thaw meat and reheat leftovers, things I can do without a microwave.

So, there you have it. We are a microwave-free household. Speaking of anniversaries, it's also been 4 years since we got rid of our T.V.....but I'll save that for another day. :) Thanks for reading!

Running the race,


lovestained said...

While I haven't read any concerns about microwaves, my philosophy is that anything made in a microwave can't possibly be that healthy for someone anyways, so why use it? Try telling my fiance that, though...I'll never have a home without one of these annoyances!! :(

Zombiemommy said...

My sister got rid of hers several years ago and we got a big toaster oven from a n'bor earlier this year.
In Nourishing Traditions, she spoke about how a group of athletes were given microwaved food and the others were not. The non microwaved group got more energy from their food. Microwaves break something down..