Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kids are cute!

When I saw what Leah had written over at her blog, I had to share some of my own special moments that I've had recently with the children. (And, yes, these will be going in the notebook!)

It was the children's bed time. They were all in their jammies, teeth were brushed, bladder's emptied (tmi??) and we were getting ready to pray with them. John had Luke in his lap and Luke looks up at John and says:

Luke: Daddy?
John: Yes?
Luke: You're my blessing from above!

Honestly, folks, I teared up! Granted, I am 8 months pregnant and the hormones are in full swing but, come on, wasn't that sweet?!?

Another cute thing- Yesterday, I explained to the children that I wanted them to watch the inauguration (at least some of it) so that they could see who the new president was. After several, several minutes of explaining words like inauguration, president, and governmen,t we tuned in. Half way through the inauguration Lilly left the room. I assumed she was going to the bathroom or something. Later she said, "Mama, did you see me leave?" And I told her I did. Then she said, "Well, I left to go to my room to pray for our new president!" Good girl!

And one last bit of random information. Bradley is 22 months. We've been working some on potty training. So, during the day, when we are home, I've been letting Bradley run around in nothing but a shirt. Well, for those of you who have read this blog before you know Bradley, stubborn, individualistic. He has also decided that he does not want to wear diapers anymore. Ever. Only problem? He doesn't know how to use the potty yet. Yikes. When we are around the house, I don't mind so much but when we go out or it's time to go to's not pretty. In closing, here's a picture of what it's looked like around our house lately. :)

Thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

This really is very sweet!! Good luck on the potty training adventures!!


Marie said...

I never get tired of hearing about the cute things your kids do. Keep it all coming!