Thursday, January 15, 2009


John and I never really go shopping on a specific day every week. Usually we go whenever we have time. You see, we have this tradition that we always go grocery shopping together. We've done it since we got married. After almost 5 years of marriage I can probably count on one hand how many times I've had to go without him. So, my menu plans could be on Monday, Wednesday, Saturday, whenever works for us really. :) We are going grocery shopping tonight and here's my plan:

Fri: Beef and Rice/green beans/ rolls
Sat: Pizza/ cantaloupe
Sun: Nachos/ ?? (any suggestions??)
Mon: Grilled cheese/ tomato soup
Tue: Taco Salad/corn (oh! How I love this taco salad. My new favorite)
Wed: Stuffed Shells/ salad/bread

-pancakes (my plan is to make a HUGE batch of these and freeze some, so that when I have the baby I'll have some goodies stored in the freezer for breakfast)
- orange muffins
- Applesauce bread

You may have noticed that my menu includes some meat. I know, I said we were going vegetarian. We've been re-evaluating though. I've been reading a book called Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. And so, what I've decided to do for now is just cut back on our animal products but not cut them out completely. Still researching!

There's my menu for the week, or week and a half, or until we go grocery shopping next. Praise the Lord I have a well equipped freezer! Thanks for reading!

Running the race,


Marie said...

All of that sounds great! Grilled cheese and soup is pretty much a weekly staple in our family. I love it! Stuffed shells is another one of my absolute favorites. I wish I could find some whole wheat jumbo shells somewhere. I even looked at whole foods. Oh well.

Marie said...

Is it with a company that can do returns?

I will keep my eyes peeled at Baby Gap for ya!

Banana said...

Can I come over for Grilled Cheese & soup?! It's my favorite food!!!!!

Amanda said...

Grilled cheese and soup at our house is a home-made affair. Home-made bread, home-made tomato soup...not the cheese though. :)

StacyJean said...

Delicious! I want to come live at your house! We are having stuffed shells with mushrooms tonight.

Your mom and some other lady from church (I can't think of her name) were at Zumba last week and left half way through!

Enjoyer of the Journey said...

Something with the kids like hot?? what about jalapenos? technically they are a vegetable. you could always incorporate some jalaps, and then to cool down offer cucumbers in thin slices as a side dish.