Monday, January 12, 2009

The Notebooks

I'm not sure how this idea started. One day I was sitting thinking about the children. And how much I loved them. And how I wished I could put into words all that I felt about them. But the problem is, spiritually and mentally they aren't mature enough yet to understand it all. Thus, the notebooks were born. My plan is to keep a notebook (it will probably turn into more than one) for each child. In the notebook, I'll write whenever I feel the urge. I'll write about how much I love them, how much I appreciate them, the beauty of God I see in them every. single. day, and special moments we share that will all too soon be forgotten by them (and probably me!). I haven't quite decided when I will present it to them. My first thought was when they get married. But then, what if one doesn't get married? So, maybe not. But, I've got time to think about it. My goal in doing this is #1, to let them know how much they are loved. Not just by me, but also by a loving Father who created every little detail of who they are. #2 , to have something that connects them to their childhood. As we get older, our memories of childhood grow father and farther away, at least for me. #3, it will give me a good outlet to write down what I'm praying for each one and hopefully, in the future, they will see the power of prayer. #4, I'm hoping maybe it will be a tradition. Maybe each one of them will start a notebook for their children and so on. :) Not that I'm using these notebooks as an excuse not to tell them how much I love and appreciate them. Of course, they need to hear that now, too. I haven't really sat down and thought about the reasons why I'm doing it, to be honest. It just feels like something I should do. I wish I had thought of this 5 years ago when Lilly was born. But, better late than never.

Running the race,


Amy said...

This is a SUPER idea! My mother did that for me later on as I grew up and I treasure it still. I also gave my dad a journal during college that was self-guided, and he gave it back as a graduation present. What a neat idea to show them how much they are loved!

And you are loved, you know that?!?! :)

annaO said...

I think you're pretty much the best mom ever.

Marie said...

Amanda Nicole Washburn that is the best idea ever. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous idea! While I haven't done this for my children (obviously because I don't have any...yet!) I did write my niece a letter before she was born that her mother and father have tucked safely away for the day when she finally understands what I wrote.

StacyJean said...

That is a really good idea, look at you being all creative! :) And yes, who knew that over 10 years ago when you started calling me Stacy Jean it would stick!