Saturday, February 7, 2009

Getting closer!

It's getting to be very exciting times here at the Washburn house. We are very busy preparing for the arrival of our fourth little one. And I must say....I'm getting pretty excited. I had a doctors appointment on Wednesday and we set the date! I suppose to some of you it might be kind of weird that I know the day but, it's just a normal thing for me! So, on February 25th around 9:00am be praying for me.

As far as how I am feeling, I'm tired....a lot. Today is a particularly hard day. I woke up exhausted! Which is never a good thing. I have found that it is more exhausting with each pregnancy. Which probably makes sense considering each time I have more children to take care of, I'm older, and just have more responsibilities. I feel so fortunate though to have never had any health problems with any of my pregnancies. What a blessing.

I love making preparations for the new baby. I've got all of my cloth diapers washed, folded, and ready to go. I ordered a new bouncy chair which is due to arrive sometime next week. I've gotten out all of our gender neutral clothing and put in the drawers. And can I say how CUTE newborn clothes are...sigh. I'm having fun, even if I am exhausted!

I'm rambling today, I know. Honestly, I've just been too tired to blog lately. I've had a couple little thoughts of things I'd like to share but nothing to really justify a whole blog post about, ya know?? So, in closing I thought I'd share pictures of all 3 of our children when they were first born! :)

I was SO happy to have a girl. I really wanted a little girl. I'm still SO happy to have her.


Today, Luke looks nothing like he did when he was a newborn. He was born with jet black hair and then at around 2 months, it all fell out and came back blonde! I was 15 days late with him, 25 hours of labor, and still had to be taken by c-section. No wonder...he was huge! 9lbs. 15 oz. 23 inches. Again, I really wanted a boy and I was SO happy to have one! He is still the sweetest little thing I have ever seen.


This picture isn't from the day he was born. As I have shared before, they had to take Brad to the NICU as soon as he was born. And, quite honestly, I just can't stand to post the pictures of him from his first couple days. He had this helmet thing (C-PAP, for those of you who know) on and tubes everywhere. This is a couple days after he was born he still had a feed tube in and and I.V. attached to his hand. But he looked much better! He brings such joy to this house everyday. We just wouldn't be the same without him!

And those are my babies. I'm excited to be able to post pictures of the next one. Stay tuned!

Running the race,


Amy Martin said...
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Amy said...

Awww... they are so adorable! And, you have one more in 14 days. Love you!