Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Monday!

That's right. I'm actually posting my week of meals on a Monday! Hey, I told you I'm random. As I was making my list this week, I was trying to keep it as simple as possible. I even threw in a couple convenience foods. Wow! But I figure since I make all of the children's snacks and I am 9 months pregnant...I'll give myself a break. :) Here we go:

~baked oatmeal (this usually lasts us a couple days)
~organic pop tarts
~muffins (don't know what kind yet)

~ PB&J roll-ups

~Frito pie (with the leftover chili)/veggie
~Homemade Pizza/ salad/ banana "milkshakes" (Family Night)
~Mac & Cheese (Annie's) w/ hot dog slices/ fruit
~Lasagna rice/ salad

~homemade popsicles
~fruit! fruit! fruit!
~homemade graham crackers
~goldfish crackers
~prunes (my children love these!)
~homemade pretzels (maybe...)

John and I are going on a date this week! WOW! We are REALLY, incredibly bad about dating each other. Moment of honesty- we haven't been on a date since June. Yikes! We still have time together as a couple at home but as far as going out together... well, it just doesn't happen too often. It's something we both want to work on more but just haven't got there yet. We figure with the baby coming in just a few short weeks, we'd better take advantage of the baby-free arms now. John's co-worker, Kristen, graciously said she would baby sit. Kristen, you're a gem. I promise they won't scream all night. :)

And that is what the Washburn's will be feasting upon this week. If you've come here looking for new, exciting recipes, or creative ideas...sorry. Check back in a couple months. It's gonna be pretty simple around here the next month or so. Although, on an exciting note, we are very close to purchasing our own grain mill. So, I will soon be grinding all our own flour. Hey, I'm excited. Freshly ground, whole wheat flour is WAY better for you. Thanks for checking in!

Running the race,


Erica said...

Good for you taking it easy. Seriously I don't know how you do it.

Anonymous said...

jeremy and i went on a double date a few weeks ago to the movies and it was really refreshing...we needed it!

you know it's really difficult to watch you post your menus on here since i'm doing the master cleanse. stay tuned because i am going to be posting about the 5 W's on the topic.