Friday, April 17, 2009


I finally decided to sit down and devote some time to my little blog. It's a beautiful day today. So, I sent the kiddo's outside to reek havoc on nature while I sit and have some "me" time. I feel a little guilty since the dishes are sitting unwashed, the laundry needs to be put away, and the house is a mess but I do that stuff everyday! :)

Kate was 7 weeks old on Wednesday. Where has the time gone? She continues to be so wonderful. She had a little period where she was fussy in the evenings but things are already starting to get much better. Here's the latest pictures from our house!

Sleeping like a baby.

Here's my sweet girl. 7 weeks old! And I would just like to say that she hasn't lost ANY hair yet. Might, we avoid the dreaded "back of the head bald-itis" this time???

I think somebody isn't quite ready to give up his reign as the baby yet. :)

These two are always wanting to hold her. Which is good and bad. Luke still needs some assistance while holding her but Lilly can pretty much hold her by herself. Which is nice because then I can get a little bit of stuff done while Lilly keeps her entertained. She is a HUGE help! I'm so thankful for her!

A little hint of a smile.

The full thing!

Life around here has been pretty busy, for me anyway. I told John yesterday that I feel like I need 3 more of me. One to clean the house, one to keep up with the laundry, and the other to homeschool. The original me could then just spend time staring at my baby, reading to the children, baking yummy treats, and spend time with my wonderful husband. That's all I really want to do anyway! I have felt stretched beyond my limits lately. But the Lord obviously knows that because He has brought some really encouraging messages into my life the past couple days. First, I've had some awesome quiet times with Him. Since Kate was born I've been so tired that I just haven't been making the effort to connect with God. But this week He's really brought me back to Him. Thank goodness! I also read a post and Laura's blog that I REALLY needed to hear at the time. Also, I read a wonderful message of how to serve John better. Plus, a friend invited us out to lunch today! I think it will be really nice for me and the children to get out and visit with friends for a little while this afternoon. So, I've been stressed but the Lord has been taking care of me. Yesterday I kind of thought to myself "Ya know. God already knows what is going to happen today and He has allowed it. It's really just a matter of how I respond to to a given situation." That thought helped me alot. It also helped me remember to lift of little prayers to Him whenever something happened that made me feel overwhelmed. I'm hanging in there with Jesus as my lifeboat!

Thanks for checking in!

Running the race,


Marie said...

I'm glad we got to catch up a little bit today. I miss talking to you, and I think it's sort of ironic that we were going through the exact same feelings (but never talked to each other about it). I will admit that sometimes I think "I can't complain to Amanda! She'll think I'm ridiculous--she's got twice the amount of children as me." That's silly, though, and I promise to call you more.

I'm glad you got to have a little me time. I'm having mine right now! :) Love you!

P.S. She's so cute.

jenifriend said...

I am so proud of you for everything you are accomplishing Amanda. You are an incredible mom and a an awesome wife, and when it comes down to it that will always and forever be what's most important. I know the dishes won't wash themselves, but you are in good hands and, if need be, those dishes will stay dirty just a little bit longer if He finds it necessary for you to be somewhere else. I am naturally a stressor-outer...and it's all too often that I need to read your gentle reminders of where He wants me to be on this particular day. Thank you for remininding me, love!!