Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lord, I love being a mom

My friend Lydia slipped this in my mailbox today at church. She said she liked it and wanted me to have it. I thought I'd share it on this mother's day.

Lord, I Love Being a Mom

Dear Lord,
I love being a mom! There are so many rewards in this high calling of mine.
Today I told a Bible story while eager ears listened and held on to every word. Then the questions began, and sometimes I had to silently ask You for the right words to answer them.
Later, at dinner, when we held hands to say grace, I was thrilled to hear that happy little voice say, "Thanks, God, for the wonderful sunny day! And the food! Amen." So simple. So grateful. So sincere.
I have help with the laundry, dishes, and cleaning whenever I ask for it. Sure, it would go more quickly sometimes if I did it all myself, but You have given me this opportunity to teach my children their life skills. Help me to be wise.
I watched You answer prayer today through the eyes of a child, Lord, and was awed. How can people say You are only an idea when You take time to help a child find a little lost treasure?
Thank You for making my children my friends. When I'm happy, they rejoice with me. When I'm grouchy, they cheer me. When I'm weak, they support me. When I'm sad, they comfort me. Let them grow up to be as sensitive to others as they are to me, Lord.
I like being somebody's hero every day. Please grant me the patience, the humor, the creativity, and the love to keep the sparkle in my children's eyes, Lord. Amen.

And I truly do say, Amen!

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jenifriend said...

happy mothers day amanda!! your babies truly are blessed to have you as their momma!!