Saturday, May 9, 2009

Strawberry Fun

I love this time of year. Last year I made the mistake of NOT taking advantage of strawberry season (or apple and blueberry season, for that matter) and I regretted it all year long. Strawberries are SO expensive in the off season. Not to mention shipped from who knows where! So, for my birthday this year we went strawberry picking. We have the extreme pleasure of living, literally, right down the road from our local strawberry farm. We scooted on down and had such a fun time. In fact, I'm planning on going back on Monday to pick at least three more buckets worth. And (happy birthday to me!!!) I found out they have started up a CSA this year. Right down the street from me! Last year I searched all over to find one!

They had so many strawberries!

Bradley was my "helper" while we were picking. I'd point and he'd grab. It worked out well. :)

They could hardly wait until we paid for them to sink their teeth into one....or two.

Kate was definitely enjoying God's beautiful creation.

They also have a little children's part of the farm where they have a petting zoo and playground. And a little train that is made to look like cows, their favorite part. Oh, and see that chicken hanging out in front of Luke? That is the exact kind of chicken I am going to be getting soon. I can't wait!

They had this lovely number called the "corn jump". It was a big pen-type thing filled with corn kernels. It was the farm equivalent to the ball play area at McDonalds. I would say, by far, this was the children's favorite thing. And maybe John's too. Of course, I was finding corn kernels in my house for the next two weeks.

Kate enjoyed playing with the feline friends at the farm.

And I simply cannot write this post without showing some updated pictures of Kate!


Thanks for checking in. And happy mother's day to all you mommy's out there!

Running the race,

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