Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another week. Another menu plan.

As I look over my menu plan it seems a bit ambitious for me. But, I'm hoping to get caught up with all my housework, after the great flu bug of '09, before our company arrives this weekend. So, maybe I'll actually have the time to make some REAL meals.

John's brother, sister, dad, and their families are all coming to spend the weekend with us. We always enjoy spending time with them. It's a real treat for us! The children get so excited! Johns's brother is bringing a kiddie pool and we bought a kite last week that the children love. They are arriving Friday around lunchtime and staying till Sunday. Yippee!

Here's the plan for the week:

-egg in a nest
-baked oatmeal
-giant breakfast cookies (drool...)

-Cucumber sandwiches
-P.B. & J. roll ups
-meat sandwiches
-taco rice/ corn/salad
-sloppy joes/ potato fries

-Tomato melts/carrots
-stuffed shells/salad/garlic bread
-hamburgers/hot dogs/coleslaw/squash casserole/watermelon/avocado pie/pumpkin pie (father's day celebration!)
-egg salad/popcorn/brownies
-zucchini cakes/potato fries

Granted, all of this is subject to change depending on what I get in my CSA stuff this week. I still have squash and zucchini that i need to use up. Hence, squash casserole and zucchini cakes this week. I noticed this week's plan involves a lot of meat! We've haven't this much meat in one week in a LONG time but I'm craving it. And, no. I'm not pregnant. :) Although, on a random note, I did have a dream last night that John went out to buy a new van and came back with an adopted baby....prophesy?? Perhaps. :)

One more bit of randomness. My dear sweet husband, as an anniversary present, got me a new lap top! My other one was hurtin' after someone accidentally dropped it.

Isn't it cute? He even got it in pink for me. It's an inspiron mini 9 and let me tell you, it is mini. But it's so convienent. It's light-weight and compact. I even carried it in my diaper bad the other day when we went to the big city just to see how portable it was. It's great!

Thanks for checking in!

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Paprika said...

What a sweet hubby you have! :)