Monday, June 15, 2009

Here I am

Just wanted to write a note to let everyone know we're still here! We are still dealing with this flu bug that has decided to stick around but I'm optimistic that it's on its' way out. Thank you, God! It's been a pretty rough week for me emotionally, physically, and even spiritually. Lack of sleep, caring for sick children, and no breaks have all played a major roll in that. I feel as though Satan has really tried to get me discouraged this week. I've had this feeling of hopelessness and apathy all week long. Which is not normal for me! But I have so much to be thankful for! I thought it would be a good exercise for me to list some.

~my children. They are a lot of work but SOOOO worth it!
~the fact that even when I'm grumpy and discouraged the Lord loves me and if I allow him He will always help me.
~I'm very thankful that not everyone was sick at the same time. Have you ever had the lovely experience of children and parents sick with the flu at the same time?? I have and it's not fun.
~I had lots of extra bread on hand to make toast, which is all anyone wanted to eat. I did not want to have to bake bread in the middle of all this!
~no one started getting sick until Tuesday night. We had plans to have company over Tuesday and we were really excited. We would have cancelled if the children had gotten sick earlier. But, they started getting sick after everyone left.
~There was a 2 day period where I thought everyone was better and I got to go to a garage sale where I bought some much needed clothing for Kate.
~I'm also VERY thankful that my children hardly ever get sick. This is the first time they've thrown up in about 2 years. None of them have ever had an ear infection or serious illness that required medical attention.

So, we are starting a new week. Everyone seems to be feeling well today and we are having company this weekend (SO excited!). Now I just need to get the house back in order!

Running the race,

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