Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Down time

So, about 5 days ago I woke up with a stiff neck. I thought maybe I had slept on it funny and kept on going. Fast forward about 3 days and I was in some serious pain. I finally broke down and went to a chiropractor yesterday. It was my first time and, I'll admit it, I was a little unsure. John has been several times before. One time, John and his macho co-workers decided to see who could pick a gazebo up the highest....gazebo! As in, small building! (Love you, babe!) All I know is that John was brought home by his boss, unable to walk, and in pain. His boss took him to the chiropractor and it was like a miracle. John was all better! But, I, I went to the chiropractor yesterday and he made my neck crack in ways I had no idea a neck could crack. It's still pretty tender this morning but a little better. I'm supposed to go back tomorrow.

I haven't been able to do much because of it. It has been insanely hard for me to sit around and do nothing when I see the laundry, dishes, and clutter all piling up! At least today I am able to do things in short bursts. But lifting and bending are pretty hard for me. When you have 4 small children how are you supposed to get things done without lifting and bending???Yesterday, Lilly had some encouraging words for me:

Me: Ow! My neck hurts.
L: Maybe God did this because He wanted you to have a rest because you do SO much work for Him.
Me: *pondering*.....maybe.

It did make me feel a little better. :) Needless to say, I've had a lot of time to sit around. And I have been somewhat productive. It's almost time to start another school year! These past couple days I've been working on coming up with a schedule, looking at different reading materials, and making final decisions about which curriculum(s) we are going to be using. One of the beautiful things about home educating is that you can choose bit and pieces of different curriculum's. If this one has a good math program but that one has a better phonics program we can use the best of both! This year we are thinking of including some structured Bible time as well as Spanish and fine arts. I found a fun Spanish program designed for ages 3-5 that we might be doing. I'm sure once John and I sit down and go over everything and make our final choices, I'll write about it. But it sure is fun to look!

My big question right now is what to do with Lilly. She's actually on a first grade level for math and phonics. I'm wondering if I should go ahead and start her into first grade or if I should continue on with kindergarten material to reinforce what she has already learned, seeing as how this basic stuff is pretty fundamental. I've been thinking of maybe beginning with kindergarten stuff and if she whizzes through it then starting on first grade...I don't know yet. All things I need to discuss with the principle (John).

If you think of it today, please, lift up a little prayer for me. I have been praying that God would heal me of this neck affliction! It's so hard for me to serve my family the way I want to right now. Any prayers would be MUCH appreciated!

Thanks for checking in!


Banana said...

Lilly is one smart cookie!

Is your neck feeling better? I have been praying for it!

Andrea said...

Thanks! I would love the recipe! Having it wouldn't have i didn't have tomato juice on hand either. I need to stock up my pantry now that I'm home for the summer - Trying to be creative is hard since I buy stuff for the meals I'm going to make that week and don't have a lot of extra things on hand. I hope you're feeling better!

jenifriend said...

oh my goodness i hope you feel better, amanda! i think lily might be on to something, there, you know. after all, you did only get five minutes the other day. :)

on a side note, have you swung by my friend gingers site ( where a wedding web shower is being hosted for me every month? i'm not sure if you have the time, but once a month you link up to her blog and post another post relating to the theme. it's all in an effort to "prepare" me for marriage, and it's amazing! i just know you'd have some amazing advice for me!! :) the theme this month is recipes, and i just KNOW you can help me out in that department!!

take care, love!

Lois said...

This is my first comment on your site, but I've enjoyed reading it! I hope your neck is better. It reminds me of the stiff-necked Pharisees! (I mean that humorously, of course). I don't know your children, but I say put Lily in first grade. Kindergarten is a fairly new concept to "get them ready to learn." It sounds to me like she's ready.

Marie said...

How's your neck feeling? I hope much better. What did your mom say about Lily? You could always give her a little "test" and see what she already knows from kindergarten curriculum. If she seems to have mastered it, start 1st grade stuff.